(!) Payoneer card and bank withdraw blocked (!)

Hey everybody!

Well, this is one serious issue. Many of you probably received an email from Payoneer today informing that all transactions and withrawals are “temporarily” blocked and that all available funds are being held. This is supposedly due to Wirecard AG (their payment processor) going bankrupt recently.

Earlier today, before knowing about all this, I went to a store to get something and my card was indeed rejected. I thought: meh, their terminal must be broke, and now I’m finding this out…

My personal situation right now is terrible. Payoneer is holding all my funds and blocking all possible transactions or withdrawals, in 3 days Envato’s earnings are going their way (yeah, they do not block incoming payments) and I process all my freelance payments through their service. Some pretty ugly scenario, as you can imagine.

Is anybody going through a similar situation? Should I blitz change everything to Paypal before the end of the month? Any tips?

Thanks guys!


Yes it’s troubling news for all of us.
I wouldn’t rely on Payoneer for my next payment until they’ve cleared things up.

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Yeah, totally… are you using Payoneer too? Are you considering switching to PayPal or Skrill this month?

Already switched to Paypal. Skrill hasn’t been an option for quite a while (which i protested back then but alas…).
I still have money that i can’t withdraw, and it’s irking me plenty.

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Same here. Didn’t had the best experience with PayPal in the past, but I definitely hate the idea of throwing a month’s wage into a blackhole. Thanks for your input!


I switched just now

Whats with paypal? Never use it before…

Well, at least when it comes to freelance work, PayPal has higher fees both for client and user all throughout the process. As for Envato’s payments I don’t know if there’s a big difference, if any.

I didn’t received any kind of email from payoneer is it a worldwide issue or selected countries only?

Maybe try to check the issuer of your card by logging into your prepaid card section. Cards issued from wirecard are possibly all affected. And of course there’s always trying to withdraw.

  1. Relax. You can do nothing about it.
  2. Funds have been frozen and they are not gone - meaning they are protected by the financial controlers of uk gov. The financial uk institution is taking care to solve the problem and get your money back to you. Funds have been frozen just like someone catching a thief with your money - lets say police has your money :smiley:
  3. Payoneer has nothing to do with it. Money should be safely transitioned to payoneer in probably couple of weeks or maybe months - government crap takes time we all know.
  4. After payoneer recieves your funds you will be able to withdraw your funds to your bank.
  5. Produce new content and have some relaxing herbal tea - mint and camomile is perfect for frozen fund situations, you can add some lemon too.

And I guess envato team will release some news and statememts about this issue. @steve_lam @BenLeong


They say, new payments will not be affected. We will not be able to use the debit cards for time being but will be able to withdraw the money to out local bank account. I hope they are telling the truth. It seems that we don’t have any other option but to wait.

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@BenLeong @steve_lam some official answer from Envato?

Quite surprised that Envato remains silent


I’m sure no one knows what’s going on right now and what will happen in the near future.
So it’s understandable that they remain quiet.
I don’t think that they have something to say for now.
We’ll have to wait.

whats the point in sending money to payoneer and then withdrawing to bank with huge fees… so simply select to withdraw to bank via swift.

Swift option has a lower limit for 500 USD.
And has huge fees too.

SWIFT do not work with every country.

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Oh really? 3 days to the end of the month. SWIFT is not globally available. They will automatically send money to Payoneer accounts, but people won’t be able to use them. Is this how Envato should behave?
I would expect some alternative option, blocking Payoneer withdrawal until situation gets resolved OR at least a warning that it’s on your own risk to withdraw money to Payoneer.
But instead we have nothing from them, no warnings, no messages, nothing. Like nothing has happened. And everyone is in panic


Yes I understand your concerns. I’m having the same issues too.
I don’t know what to do. But Payoneer says, the future payments will not be affected. This is their last official statement.

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