Payoneer card funds freezed

I got an email saying that my funds are freezed in the card, any one else experiencing the same problem ?

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Same here

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Same here. Just when I had left everything on that card since last 6 month!

I have money in the card I used it for payments don’t know what to do now

I suppose by temporary, they mean months, otherwise why would they say future payments will not be affected?

Yes… I also think that

All my last month earinngs are in the card, and I have no money in my hand

I think you will find most answers here, including from payoneer:

The question is : Will Payoneer issue another card in case of Wirecard insolvency?

I dont think so if so they wont freeze our money

I have the same problem

Payoneer has resolved this issue with FCA and Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard is now active once again. Payoneer users get 100% of their money back as Payoneer stated.

Read this blog post:
you can withdraw the funds on your card from an ATM or spend them online and in-store
From 00:01 CET on Monday, July 6th , you will once again be able to withdraw your funds to your local bank account and use the Make a Payment and Manage Currencies services