Envato, please postpone the PAYMENT PERIOD.

I would like Envato to delay the payment period for this month.

As you know, the situation in Payoneer is complicated. For the moment, many people do not trust Payoneer. At least this is until the situation improves. In this case, transferring our money to Payoneer is like leaving all our earnings to chance.

And PayPal does not work in some countries. (As in my country)

Need to open a bank account for SWIFT. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing quarantine days in my country. According to the Covid-19 situation. For this, no bank is working in my country.

I am not able to choose any of the 3 options above within the next 3 days. In this case, can Envato delay the payment period?
I’m sure a lot of people are in this situation.


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