Our first psd template got soft rejected

Hello community,

Our first E-commerce psd template got soft rejected for the copyright reason, this is the message of the viewer:

Assets used in item previews need to be properly licensed for commercial use. As the asset is not being resold or redistributed, you will not need a re-sale or re-distribution license as you would for use of that asset in the main file. However, you will still need a license for a commercial use (reproduction) for use within the preview. It’s important to read each license of any asset you’re intending to use carefully to make sure your use of the asset complies with the license terms.

We already did this points:

  • We offer the downloadable psd with no photos, just a placeholders
  • We have mentioned that the photos are for the preview purpose, and it’s not included in the downloadable psds

I already checked some PSDs that got accepted, and i mentioned that they use a products photos from a famous brands, this is some examples:

I have a fews questions for you, if you could help me with the answer please:

  • How this Authors got the right to use photos ? i already sent a messages to some authors, but i did not receive a response yet
  • Can i use a photos from pinterest on my previews JPEG, is that ok with the copyright ?
  • Do you know any sources of products photos (clothes) width white background, that i can use ?

I really appreciate your help

Your can use photos free pixabay.com or pexels.com permission copyrights envato for accepted your sell themeforest :), please not use other pictures like google search or other website etc regards.

Hello JeriTeam,

Thanks for your reply, we already use some free images (pexels, pixabay, unsplash) in our template, but our work is a e-commerce template, and as you know there is a little sources where you can find a good quality products photos, so we use photos from some brands, as they did the authors i showed in top

I want just to know, why they got accepted by reviewers, and we got rejected

Any help please ?