Soft Rejected PSD template. Help needed pls

I submitted an ecommerce PSD template and it was soft rejected with this reason:

Assets used in item previews need to be properly licensed for commercial use. As the asset is not being resold or redistributed, you will not need a re-sale or re-distribution license as you would for use of that asset in the main file. However, you will still need a license for a commercial use (reproduction) for use within the preview. It’s important to read each license of any asset you’re intending to use carefully to make sure your use of the asset complies with the license terms
90% images are from free image providing websites and these are general images which I used in previous templates also and no issues with it. Only thing I doubt is the images of iphone[where iphone logo is visible], addidas, samsung these images too shows logo of its respective companies. [yes i took these images from google]

So my question is are we not allowed to use this type of images where company logo is shown? Or what would be the point that reviewer is trying to point out in this feedback?

Some clarification from experts would be great help for me.

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Then it’s probably the other 10% that are the issue. This might help…

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This is the real design. New colleection and product of the week [shoes image] is from google. Beside these images all other are free images. So are these the ones that is causing issues?

Another point : Trendy collection section I am showing full face but these are free images so are these also an issues?

Another point: I have clearly mentioned the image source sites in my document along with this note:

Note: Images used in the demonstration/preview images/screenshots are licensed to their respective owners and are not included in the download. All images are replaced with placeholder images.

That doesn’t matter. You need to have permission to use them, especially as you’re using them to market a commercial product. Saying that the copyright belongs to somebody else doesn’t free you of your obligation to respect their rights and privileges under copyright law.

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OK got it thnx

Finally the template made it through :

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