Second Soft Rejection - Demo Assets

I would really appreciate if someone could help me to better understand the rejection message:

Assets used in item previews need to be properly licensed for commercial use. As the asset is not being resold or redistributed, you will not need a re-sale or re-distribution license as you would for use of that asset in the main file. However, you will still need a license for a commercial use (reproduction) for use within the preview. It’s important to read each license of any asset you’re intending to use carefully to make sure your use of the asset complies with the license terms.

The theme is rejected a second time with exactly the same reply. First time I thought it was because of the sample products and a logo carousel, so these have been sorted out.

I will fix the following:

  • Youtube videos used will be looked through again.
  • Brand image on Watches demo will be removed.

However, Is it something obvious Im totally missing here?

Really thankful for any help!!

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You need to have the necessary license for any asset used on your item(even for the presentation). So, you are not allowed to use real brands on your demo(As I see there are a lot of brand photos on your demos):

Samsung, Apple, Nikon, etc etc

Do you really have the rights to use those photos?

This is what the reviewer is trying to tell you :slight_smile:

Advice: You can purchase photos from Stock Websites or from Envato Elements. This thing will assure you that you have the rights to use them in your demos.

Note: If you want some free to use on commercial projects photos you can check: or

Good Luck!

Nice design though

Thanks a lot for your advices. Actually, many of the product images of Samsung, Apple etc are the default sample product in Opencart.

However, I will look through all demos once again and get rid of all such images. Envato Elements can be a good choice.

Fingers crossed for the next submission :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smiley: