ThemeForest soft for copyright reasons (images from


I’ve got soft reject with this reason:

  1. Please note that we do not review items for copyright or intellectual property issues, and this is your responsibility as you have confirmed during the upload process. However, we have some concerns that assets used in your item may not have been properly licensed. Specifically: No famous people or screenshots from Movies, TV Series, Video games, CD covers or anything similar that might be infringing on any copyrights are acceptable. Please remove them from the preview image. Please review your item, identify any assets in it that are not licensed, and replace them with properly licensed assets. If the assets have been properly licensed, please supply us with information to confirm this, by lodging a support ticket at Please note that Envato takes copyright complaints and issues very seriously. Please be aware of your obligations under our membership terms to ensure that your items do not infringe anyone else’s intellectual property. - Marketplace Kno
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What i should do?
All images is taken from and licensed under CC0.

Should i provide license to every image? (202 images in total)
Or i should provide license information only for images used in preview/description?

If it matters, ZIP of theme contains only placeholders.

I’m just guessing here, but you should probably check the contents of your images. Just because a photographer marks an image as CC0 doesn’t guarantee that you’re ok to use the image in your item preview.

An example would be if I take a picture of George Clooney. I may own the photo, and mark it as CC0, but good old George might not be too keen on me using his image to promote my item.

That might not be the issue, but it’s worth checking by going through the images and seeing if there’s anything that might have contributed to the soft reject.

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Link to your demo here and someone might be able to spot the trouble pics

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Thanks for your answer, i will check on it!

Next time :wink:

I’ve checked every image and everything is nice.
I have one more question, can i use “WooCommerce” demo images in my HTML template?
Or i can’t, because my theme is actually have no WooCommerce plugin in it?


Share here your link .

I mean images like this from woocommerce demo