PSD Templates - licensing assets in preview

We recently received a Soft Reject for a PSD template. For the preview image we used images purchased from, from our own account. How are we supposed to properly license them, other then mentioning the source in the documentation of the template? This is the agreement from fotolia:

Have you removed the images from the downloadable version and used placeholders?

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Yes, we have, the issue is just regarding the preview image

Assuming the image is not editorially licensed which could still be a problem - if that image is the only issue then just change it for something else and resubmit

We try to inform ourselves before re-uploading.

Given the agreement from fotolia will it suffice to provide the source and a link to the fotolia license agreement in the documentation? (We forgot the mention it when we initially uploaded the template)

In the downloadable version we just used placeholders, the preview image contains 21 images we downloaded from our fotolia paid account.

Hope this clarifies our concern and thank you for your patience.