Ok, Audiojungle. 26th in a row. Why do not you love me so much?

Rejected another
composition, which was done by all the canons by a professional
arranger, was recorded in a professional studio, was mixed by
professional sound engineers. A professional mastereng was produced.
Yes, I paid a lot of money for all this, to be sure that everything is OK with Audiojungle and the problem is in me. It turns out that the problem is just not in me! Audiojungle, tell me why you disliked me?

Paste a link to your latest rejection and see if the community can help by offering some useful advice.

Maybe you could share with envato community rejected track?

This… we need to hear.


It is not about high/low level of quality but if your music fits this music market. But share your track and see if we can help you

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Yes, share your track. Also, if you share the credits of professionals involved, the budget spent, etc, we can try to appreciate the injustice.

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Yes, the community is, “The League of Justice”.


Guys, thank you all for wanting to help me. I’m waiting for a response from Audiojungle and from no one else. I want that that reviver who rejected her answered me honestly what is the reason for his discrimination.

No no… please do post this track. if it were just a normal track i would have less interest… but seeing as how a all star team of pro’s worked on this i really, really want to hear this and see if the reviewer is right or wrong.

do you know who reviewed your track btw?

I do not know who turned it down. It’s not important for me. For me it is important - why? If they specifically tell me why, I’ll go back to the studio and claim my money back. But something tells me that I do not have to do it. Guys, you’ll excuse me, but I’m waiting for an answer only from Audiojungle. I really appreciate your desire to help me. In this topic, the question will be to stay here further or to go to other sites where there is no discrimination.

I really do not think that asking a reviewer to justify or provide an explanation to a rejection is fair because it undermines the whole review process. Post a link to your track here and allow the community to provide feedback.

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Plus reviewers probably don’t even have time to check the forums… let alone a specific thread about why someone’s item has been rejected. (There are many of those threads).

You’ve had 3 items accepted before- did you pay for a professional studio with professional sound engineers and mastering engineer to make those tracks, or do them all yourself?

I did the first three tracks myself. They are simply awful in quality. Then a series of regejects. After that I decided to check what’s wrong and made the last song in the studio. Is this a logical solution?

Unfortunately, I think there is no guarantee that paying someone else to do production etc. will result in a track that will be accepted by audiojungle. As others have pointed out, it’s not necessarily the intrinsic musical quality of the track or the standard of production alone that determines its acceptability. It’s also whether the reviewer considers it is something that has a chance of getting sales. Also, the type of production one is aiming at for the stock music market (i.e. music that’s designed to work effectively in the background) is not necessarily the same as would be appropriate in other contexts and the people employed to mix and master your track may well not be aware of this.


There is no discrimination here. What you talkin bout? Do not you think that you have a overestimated opinion about yourself?: «professional
arranger», «professional studio», «professional sound engineers», «professional mastereng», «problem is just not in me», my music is the best music in the world, bla-bla-bla.
Maybe your tracks are really not that good (we’ll never know about it, because you do not want to share the links).
Have respect for the Audiojungle team. If they are rejecting your tracks, it’s meant that quality of your music are not enough for this marketplace. Just humble yourself and ceep study further what is popular now.
And it does not matter that your music is recorded in a professional studio. It can be just not interesting (again: we’ll never know about it, because you do not want to share the links).
And the main question: why did you create this stream, if you do not care about the opinions of colleagues? You should write the message to Envato support team. But be sure, they will not give you feedback, because there are thousands authors whith the similar problem. And he is not required to write to everyone the detailed reasons for the rejection. They have already sent you a list of reasons. And your tracks are not suitable for some of these items.
Please, don’t think that I wanted to offend you. Just try to look at this situation from the other side (fresh look)


Hey you. Slow down the tone. Read carefully my first message and find in it where I ask for your opinion. I turned to Audiojungle, but not to you. Whether they answer whether or not this is their right, as is my right to decide what and how to send here. This composition is already sold by me in an exclusive license. Therefore, I do not have the right to put it here. So calm down and leave your bile for others.

Did you sell it exclusively before you tried to upload it to Audiojungle?

Giggidy - Gig.

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No, I sold it after the decree, today, directly to the chain store. At least repelled the investment for the studio.

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