Help With a Rejection

Hope everyone is well :slight_smile: Now onto the moan…

This is my 4th rejection in 15 uploads.

Here’s a link to the track on Soundcloud:

I’ve got one more in the queue ( and I’m working on another. If these two both get bounced back I might consider just cashing out and going somewhere else. A reviewer would only need to write ONE SENTENCE while listening to the track so it wouldn’t even cost them any more time at all to explain what was wrong with the mix or the composition beyond just, “does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production standard”. I really don’t get why this is so hard. It makes their own life harder too because they’ll keep receiving tracks with the same problems.

Sorry for the moan, and major props to anyone who listens and replies. I think you should be getting paid for doing AJ’s job for them!

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Oi mate

After comparing your rejected track to the rest of your portfolio I can’t see a good reason for rejection. You really make some high quality stuff, so I’m afraid the explanation is just inconsistency among the AJ reviewers. Happens to all of us all the time. As for your comment regarding the lack of feedback from AudioJungle I couldn’t agree with you more. They only give feedback on soft rejections when in fact they would save so much more trouble in the long run if they actually told us what we’re doing wrong with the tracks that get hard rejections. It really does feel like the Envato developers don’t even have accounts of their own on these forums.

It’s a tough world man


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Hey thanks for the reply, the feedback and the kind words. Really appreciate it.

Your stuff sounds super slick too man. The standard around here is really high these days.

I’d wondered before upload if maybe my brass was too loud, and possibly panned too wide. I’m going to fix those and try again. Fingers crossed. Again though, it would have taken a reviewer about 5 seconds to say if that’s all it was. I just don’t get their zero policy on feedback. Oh well!

I love your track, it’s very fun and I think it could fit perfectly in a lot of projects. Great job, congratulations!
Maybe there’s plenty of this kind of music works in AJ? Probably I should have done more than two chords, but I’m not sure that this is a good reason for rejection, because the production is very good and I can imagine a lot of fun scenes.
Good luck with approvals, you deserve it… and good luck with sales!

After recieving another rejection earlier today (shocker lol) I actually got a different message from the reviewer. It was basically just an elaborated version of the classic “does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production standard”, but different nonetheless! It put more emphesis on the song having to be of use to AJ’s customers. My guess would be that they can reject music based on how many similar tracks there are on AudioJungle, but everyday we see tracks sounding the same geting approved over and over so I assume that isn’t the case. But as Kannonh said, varying the chord structure is never a bad idea if you wish to ensure approval.

Best of luck to ya!

Kannon, thanks for the words and the tip. I’ve altered the chord progression slightly so it’s a bit less boring.

Westerbergmusic, that’s interesting. I suppose that goes extra way to explaining their reasons. I agree though, there’s so much getting accepted every day that’s identical to loads else on here, and they actively discourage “experimental” submissions at the moment anyway.

Anyway, I was just reworking the rejected track and realised I completely forgot to check for mono compatibility! It’s usually something I check every few minutes while mixing but I just completely forgot about it. Just checked it and it sounded TERRIBLE!! All the lead parts completely disappeared so, assuming that was the reason, it was actually a totally fair rejection. Problem solved now so will re-upload and hope for better luck. And put a post-it on the monitor to remind me to check it!

Thanks again for the feedback guys, I really appreciate it.