NO REPLY from envato to our tickets

we have ask for envato since 30th of March 2019 - today is 3rd of April 2019 - how many days do enavato need for reply - as Their policy is that they “respond within 24 hours”
what is wrong ???

Hello @gipmedia,

Keep patience they have a ticket queue they will reply user one by one.
@KingDog Can you give a reply at here ?


patience patience …how many days?
not good at all…and it seems something wrong lately

a ticket means problems which need fast answer

It happens to me too, I sent envato support request days ago (April 1st, 2019) from help center about my deposit is gone/missing from my account, until now there is no reply from envato too,

I think a good internet company will reply their customer as soon as possible, not ignoring them in days, which is not acceptable… Myself can be counted as loyal customer that made many purchases from envato since years ago, It should not be treated like that.

@unlockdesign: as moderator, could you help us to check my ticket (#) and do a little bit push to support team? Thank you

Hey @hugebreakthrough
First of all at here(Envato Forum) no one can help you out from your issue.We can only forum related issue, item feedback but we can’t help about Envato market issue like item related issue, account related issue, copyright issue etc we are here a volunteer we can guide you where you can get help for your issue.

At Envato Market thousand & thousand people author, customer, visitor but Envato team member are limited. Everyday lots of people opening ticket for their help just like you, they aren’t getting help instant Envato Customer Success Team replying for their ticket holder one by one i told you before that.
Only Envato Support Team can help you out from your issue in that reason i told you must wait for their reply.

No worry about that, a purchase rights will be safe in that reason Envato Is a biggest & better market place in the world now.

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We finally have an answer! @unlockdesign To answer to a ticket after so many days is NOT good at all.
if you have a client ticket and you do not reply in 24 hrs on an internet/website problem, be sure that your client will not only be upset but be sure that next time for the websites yr client will choose somebody else … so this must be a priority for envato to hire people as their platform and sales are ok - to solve quickly the customers tickets.

Apologies for that, @gipmedia. Envato usually replies to tickets within 24 hours. Unfortunately at this time they are receiving an extremely large influx of tickets and need extra time to get back to everyone. It is a difficult situation and they are actively working on improving it.

@baileyherbert please note the answer from envato was received after 5 days - and was not complete means did not answer to all the questions - today we send again one questions which was without reply…

IT’s been a week for me!