Envato won't respond to my tickets


I’ve reached out to Envato three times because I’m owed a refund for a theme that I purchased. They haven’t gotten back to me yet. Their policy is that they respond within 24 hours. What gives?

Because of the number of tickets they get, they can’t always respond in 24 hours, please don’t keep creating new tickets as it will delay others and could get your account banned by support, be patient and they will get too it when they can, also check your spam folder as their reply may have gone there (happens a lot).

If you post your first ticket ID here, maybe :@kingdog can look into your ticket for you.


Okay. My ticket number is 1458549. Today is day 4.


I will make your ticket as High priority :smiley:


Hello @sarahodesigns ! Support Envato does not always have time to respond within 24 hours. Be patient! 1-3 days! They do not leave tickets unanswered, so wait. Envato support has a lot of tickets, not just yours!

Hi - I submitted an enquiry about a refund problem I am having - I did not get any reply giving me acknowledgement or a ticket number (I also checked spam) - should I have gotten one?

I have given up trying to deal with the (stubborn) author and I sent the enquiry to Envato via this page

is that the correct place to do so?

Yes you should always get a reply with your ticket number shortly after you open your ticket. Maybe try opening a new one?

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Thank you

thanks - so is that the correct place to lodge a refund issue?

Yes, usually! But also read here!

ok - but the “Submit a Request” links to the same form I linked to above :wink:
I’ll submit it again

Yes, through Envato support (in any case).

Also, indicate the reason for the refund in the ticket, in detail (What does not suit you?) If your reason does not comply with the rules of refund standards, they may refuse to refund to you to you!

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my ticket (Removed By Mod)

Hi @Sosa2020,

As you have alredy opened help ticket then please keep patience. Envato support team will reply your ticket as quickly they can.

Thanks for your patience

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