The victimization I experienced and I cannot get a refund


I purchased the following application on 12.02.2021, although I requested support from that date, I could not get any support, I did not return the product and I complain because the developer distracted the customer.

There’s a small line between requesting support and asking modifications for the items. I hope this is not your case but in most cases, the authors are willing to help as much as they can.

About the support, you should contact the theme author at the item page to get some support instead of elsewhere

Thanks for your answer but I could not get any help at all.

You should wait few more days as most of the authors are not proving support at the weekend as well as it may take up to 2 workings day to get a respond.

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The weekend is over, I want a refund, I can’t wait.

You can always submit a support ticket to Envato if the developer is not responding to your questions → Submit a request – Envato Market Help Center

Please keep in mind that Envato Support replies to tickets in the shortest possible time, usually less than a day, but depending on the existing backlog of tickets (considering the Envato Ecosystem has in excess of 2m users) it can take more time.

I’ve already sent

Your patience is appreciated and these things take priority in the support queue, but as previously mentioned, there maybe a backlog that the support staff is working through. Cheers! :slight_smile:

I know I am on hold, but there is no answer from the seller and you cannot return. I want to buy new products instead of my payment and at least I won’t waste my time and money

I understand, but the forums cannot assist with refunds. Only Envato Support can handle this matter for you! You can always tweet your ticket number to @envato_help, it may get checked a bit quicker, but as mentioned before, it can take a few days depending on the volume of backlogged tickets. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer but I could not get any help at all

Actually, something needs to be done about this issue. Turkey should also be divided into departments and customer representatives if required. For example, it seems like 5 people should work in the payment department.

I think there are over 30 people in that department, what you don’t understand although I posted this before is that Envato has OVER 2 MILLION ACTIVE MEMBERS, about 10 Million total members. You can imagine what 0.1% of them sending tickets is like (roughly 2000 tickets per day). And payment departaments don’t just push magic buttons to give refunds. These are investigated, entered in accounting, and more international legal matters that need to be attended to.

A ticket reply can take up to 7 days, as mentioned on the official support page (screenshot: therefore, patience is a must. Don’t worry, you won’t be left without your situation being resolved, but these things take time and are usually of the highest priority.

I can tell you for a fact, since I send tickets regularly as a moderator, the tickets increase by about 1500 to 2500 tickets a day. I think Envato’s doing a pretty good job keeping them under 7 days.

Please keep patient, your issue will be looked into.

What help are you looking for in the first place? :blush:

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Do you think Turkey will receive the support staff?

The country is irrelevant - as @Enabled explained the challenge is the sheer volume of tickets being sent in.

Envato will reply to tickets regardless of the country of origin

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I think a minimum of 50 people should look for the support ticket department.

As @Enabled said there are aorund 2Million active users - 1% of that submitting tickets would be 20,000. that is 400 tickets for each of your 50 support staff. It is still a big task.

On top of that -

  • Refunds are not quick tickets as envto need to investigate and potentially try to speak to the author
  • If envato hired even 10 more staff, then they would need to recoup the costs somehow which would almost certainly lead to negative impact ton buyers and authors

Hiring more people would actually have far less of an impact than if people (not aimed at your case but speaking generally) were more conscious and sensible about the need to open tickets…

It’s the same with submissions and slow review times. No amount of extra reviewers would save the same amount fo time as some people (just look at some of the examples in the forums) being more realistic and respectful about the quality of the work they are submitting.

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I am aware of a huge problem. I hope a solution to this will be found as soon as possible.