Envato has stopped responding to messages for a confirmed refund (October 3)

I received a confirmation of the refund. After clarifying the refund to the original source of payment (October 3), Envato support stopped responding. I wrote the message on October 11, and the last one on October 18. Still no answer and no money.

Created a new ticket to clarify on refunds (I have two up-to-date returns). I did not receive a response, only a system message with an offer to rate.

It used to take 2 days for a refund after confirmation.
Is it normal that I have not received an answer for more than 2 weeks?

Hi @Ray_Kun,

You can create a new ticket with mention your previous ticket no.
And make sure you have created ticket using the Envato Help center link.


I created ticket three days ago and re-created ticket just now

10 minutes ago I created a duplicate ticket describing the problem. 10 minutes after creation, the ticket is already in the “Solved” status, although there is no answer. The last ticket was assigned to the same support member as the tickets with which the problem occurred.