Not getting a response from my theme's author

I’m having the same problem with Onion Eye which must be the same list. Called support twice as the form to submit wasn’t working. Posted twice on their comment page and still no response after 6 days. There’s no excuse if they state 48 hours at the most. There should be an extension to the amount of paid support time relative to their response time, i.e. no response for a week then customer gets an extra week on support time. Otherwise there is in reality no support available.

Hi @artist_cat,

I moved your post to its own topic as it was unrelated to the previous discussion. Are you sure you tried to open a ticket at the proper place? You can contact @onioneye regarding their Omm theme here:

What error are you getting exactly?



Hi baileyherbert,

I was only able to find the link you sent in your email and the form won’t work for me.I tried it first last week. I tried several browsers. I’ve attached the screen shot with the error. I called twice and the second time on Monday a woman gave me another address and that form worked but still no response.

If you have any ideas let me know.



Still no reply from anyone… author or support. It’s been 9 days so I’m going to call again. What’s up with your support?