Theme author not responding after paid support

Hello. I recently purchased a support for a theme (Luster by CRIK0VA) on ThemeForest. I submitted my first support ticket two days ago, but have heard nothing from them. The three latest requests posted to their support forum have also gone unanswered–the oldest being two weeks. Is there a way to obtain a full refund of this purchase? The only reason for the purchase was to obtain the support it promised.

If this is not the correct place for this question, do you know where I can/should direct it?

Thanks in advance.

Maybe the author is on vacation or something, I suggest giving him some time first :slight_smile:

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That’s a fair point. 18 days ago I posted something to the pre-sales forum, and never got a reply. I now see that the author has replied to another post in the pre-sales forum.