Theme hyperx author not responding after paid support

Due to a stubborn error in theme hyperx, I bought extended support and wrote to the author and wrote the issue in the support forum. Unfortunately i get no answer.
But important, several pages description about the good support and I fool also believe that.

When you have write to the author (support)? In some countries is still weekend (Sunday) maybe you need to wait a little bit more (Monday).

4 days ago…

7 days ago…

10 days ago…

Write to the authors support again instead of here in the public forum, I mean what’s the point if the author does not read it?

Write a comment on the items page as well and mention you have opened a ticket 10 days ago and
that you are still waiting for them to write back.

Also try using their contact form and write to them:

I wrote to the author again and still no answer.
What do you call this when you pay for support and get absolutely none?
How can i get my money for extra support back ?