Envato request related

I raised a request 6 days ago but still no reply from envato team. Also when i raised request i did not get any mail which include any ticket number or etc.
What should i do?
Should i raise a new request or wait for reply and if wait then what is minimum-maximum time for reply. Normally every company reoly 24-48 working hours but due to corona taking time but its already more then 144 hours.

Any body please suggest me because author is not supporting properly and my money stuck and project work also on pending.

I suggest waiting - they are under extreme pressure and tickets are taking longer than usual to reply

Opening new tickets will actualy probably delay matters

It takes months to years to respond. That’s how i feel.
I am open to helping Envato team with the technical support side

Just as an FYI - if the issue is technical with an item then you should be talking to the author and not envato?