No idea why they would reject my track. Sounds as good/better then most of the rock/metal songs on here. Please enlighten me.

You sound pretty butthurt by my viewcount comment. Yeah, it is harder to succeed in the oversaturated market now on Youtube and it was a heck of a lot easier back then which is not really reflective of anything to do with my current skill level. I certainly notice a pretty huge increase in my production value from 5 years ago til now… here is a sample (I like to use actual facts and comparisons when I make arguments instead of pulling it out of my ***)

5 years ago:


This might show something about how much you think you know about me vs how much you do. Don’t fall in love with you’re own pathetic attempts at bringing others down.

Some kind of rock/rebellious attitude might be hot onstage (I overdo it myself, sometimes, for fun!), but on a music forum where other composers are kindly helping you? Out of place, man. :wink:

Like others have said, your drums are too muffled (the kick, especially; and not only by royalty free standards) and the fact that they are conflicting with bass doesn’t help either. Because of this lack of solidity, the rhythm foundation don’t help to carry the track forward.

That said, your riffs are cool! :sunglasses:

yeah getting drawn into some sort of pissing contest here is pretty stupid so I’ll bow out. You’re obviously great man, hope you get all the success you’re looking for, have fun.

It seems somebody released the kraken… :joy:

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Thanks! You too.

That’s right :wink:

I get what you’re saying. Thanks for the tips.

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That’s right. That’s my theme track.

If anybody didnt know, The original song is from Rolling Stone.
This one from Soup Dragons is what i call “Real version”, no just a copycat.
I dont know how to say in english,… they make the song like their own…?
And it has madchester groove which i love. :slight_smile:

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The Stones would have that track rejected by Audiojungle. The groove is too loose. :smile:

“This submission does not meet our quantized to death production standard, unfortunately.” :wink:


Well, to be fair, it would also have been rejected by the record label if it was made today. :wink:

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Yes, there would be good chances of that too… :smile: