No idea why they would reject my track. Sounds as good/better then most of the rock/metal songs on here. Please enlighten me.

They rejected this song with good production, good catchy riffs, its intense and it hits you hard. I’d really like to know why they would choose some of the generic sounding stuff on this site instead of this. Honestly.

Give me your honest opinion.

Guitars sound great! Bass and drums do not. The low end is both weak and messy. Riff is really killer though!

2 Likes does this low end sound weak and messy?

Agree with @PurpleFogSound - there’s some muddiness in the low end (don’t think that it’s weak though). I guess you need to decrease guitars volume a bit, and/or cut some lows from them, cuz they are in conflict with bass.

Groovy riff :metal:t2:
Good luck)

Sounds fine to me. The guitars have barely any bass in them. But it doesn’t matter because I can’t submit it now. It’s a “hard reject”. It was just so terrible that they couldn’t let me submit it again! Lol. What a joke.

You should work on drum sounds. It’s no surprise that the track has been rejected.
If You have a better drum sound, and have a better mix, you can surely submit the track again.
The guitar sound is ok to me.

Okay, explain to me what is so terrible about the “drum sound” then. Is it not fake enough sounding? How about this. What do you guys use to make your amazing sounding drums? Maybe having some feedback as opposed to just saying “better drum sound” (Even though they already sound good) would be helpful.

The drum sound has too much low end and muddiness. Doesn’t have high end clarity. Especially the snare sound.

If you make enough room for a crisp and clear sounding snare, the track will sound better in general.

And the kick sound gets lost in the mix.

You asked for an opinion, and here’s my opinion. And maybe you should change your attitude towards the people trying to help you…


That´s all.

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It’s hard when you’re pissed off. Tired of being good at something and getting nothing for it, spending countless hours on it with not much in return. That’s all.

Yes, and it seems you are here the first one with an unfair hard reject.
If you ask for help, at least say thank you, even if you got a different opinion.
People here spend their time just to help you.



Nice guitars!


  • drums could be much better
  • guitars could be played with better timing
  • solo could be louder

I would consider making it little faster. Just for higher “commercial value”.

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Dude, the honest truth with AJ is that sometimes good stuff gets rejected plain and simple. They’ve got a bazillion guys just like you and me peppering them with stuff and I’ve had some really frustrating rejects in the past. I’ve uploaded them other places and gone on to sell em there, so while I’d love to have them in my portfolio here, it’s just not worth getting bent out of shape over.

Secondly, this has been one of the most helpful places online for me to find some actual advice and feedback over the past few years and it’s definitely way less toxic than almost any other forum I visit, I think everyone here aims to keep it that way.

You’ll get nowhere with lines like “Tired of being good at something and getting nothing for it”, simple fact is you just ain’t that good, you’re just ok, like me, but there are dudes on here who can walk all over you in terms of production value and skill. Sit down, be humble.

Producing stock music is way different than producing “real music” if you wanna call it that, it’s an art form in itself. If you’re here strictly to cash out on skills you think you already have you might want to re-evaluate things.

For me this mix sounds just fine to get accepted, but it didn’t so what I think doesn’t mean anything. Personally I think the guitar playing is maybe a little sloppy, and everything could be balanced a little better but overall I think if you keep at it you’ll get some acceptances and then you can make 10’s of dollars too!



Hi Jacob!

First of all, don’t ask for “your honest opinion” if you can’t handle criticism. :wink:

Anyway, I agree with the others, it was a justified rejection.

Now, for my honest opinion:

• Cool riffs and great rhythm guitar sound.
• I will repeat what the others have said - the drums sound muffled (not crisp) and not mixed right, making it sound like a demo. They sound better in the YouTube track you linked to.
• Overall, the mix sounds like a demo. A good demo, but still a demo.
• The timing of the guitars is mostly OK, but not perfect, which they really should be for modern metal. The timing suffers from what most guitarists suffer from before they practice it away: rushing. Same with the YouTube track. The timing is a bit off, but the sound of the guitars is really great.
• I think the lead parts are mostly too quiet, and at some points suffer from some timing issues as well (rushing).

That was my honest opinion. I hope it helps, and that you can accept it as a form of learning, instead of insult, which it is not meant to be.

I wish you the best of luck!


The problem with this is that I am good. I have a Youtube channel with songs ranging from 100k-500k. Tons of support there. If you don’t believe me (And I know views don’t mean anything, but my point is that I have already managed to make music that my audience has deemed as very exceptional):

I’m not saying I’m the best ever but I wouldn’t say I’m “ok”. If you truly believe that then you should go create a metal track and get hundreds of thousands of views on it. Good luck. (If you think this sounds douchey then that’s too bad. I just don’t agree with your opinion).

Anyways, yeah I was super pissed off yesterday because I liked my song and thought it sounded good. Was it the best I could do? No. Am I gonna be uploading stuff that will take a massive turd on that? Yes.

I realize now that it’s less about producing something that sounds good and more about producing something that sounds like Audiojungle music. Which makes sense.

Sure, there is definitely guys on here better then me and I know that. And yes in terms of production value and skill. But I also came from a background of being very good at something and so that’s why I won’t settle for thinking I’m just “ok”.

I can handle criticism sometimes it just takes a day. I’m very passionate about what I do. After what people said yesterday I was depressed for the entire day. But I am going to keep trying to make this work.

In terms of the timing, yeah I noticed that it almost sounds like some songs on here are recorded at like 75% speed and then sped up. Anyways, I tried that and it makes everything sound ridiculously tight and it sorta had that mechanical half-synth/half-guitar sound that a lot of the songs on here have. Obviously quantizing would help in that regard.

I’m not comparing to other music here on this site. There are some stinkers that slip through, I fully agree on that.

But most professional metal bands, well most bands actually, edit the **** out of every track. Every drum hit, every guitar note, every bass note - especially on metal riffs.

Also keep in mind your buffer settings in your DAW. They can mess things up even if you play something perfectly.

Yeah I think it might have actually had something to do with the plug-ins I was using. They were creating some extra delay it seems.

You’ve got a few nice view counts from 5 years ago, but if you sort by popularity all the trend shows is that your view count has been steadily getting (very) worse for 5 years straight… not really something to get too braggy about man. I’ve got a classical guitar video from 5 years back that has a few hundred thousand as well… it was a heck of a lot easier back then and not really reflective of anything to do with my current skill level. I certainly don’t notice a huge increase in your production value from 5 years back to now… which probably says something about how good you might think you are vs how good you really are. Don’t fall in love with the smell of your own farts dude :smiley:

Not trying to be a dick, but you wanted to talk view counts and yeah you are coming off fairly douchey. Maybe you just need to take an honest listen to what you’re doing man…