New Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.) policy on AudioJungle is now LIVE

Hey AudioJungle,

The updates to the P.R.O. policy are now live. Authors are now officially allowed to sell Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.) registered music on AudioJungle.

As a reminder, as part of this new policy there are some additional settings & requirements for all AudioJungle authors and obligations for authors who wish to sell P.R.O. music, to help ensure a consistent experience and music offering for customers.

If you haven’t already, please read our new P.R.O. policy Help Center articles:

  1. Submitting and Selling P.R.O. Music on AudioJungle, for authors outlining responsibilities and considerations should you choose to register your music with a P.R.O.
  2. Buyer’s Guide to Performing Rights Organizations and P.R.O. Registered Music, for customers outlining what P.R.O. music is and what it means for projects using AudioJungle music.

As AudioJungle has grown over the years, we hope these new changes continue to support our thriving community and ecosystem and ensure our platform is the best place to source the most professional and diverse selection of music on the planet.

Note: for any authors who have had their items disabled as a result of not filling out your P.R.O. setting, you will need to head over to your Envato Market author settings page and complete this P.R.O. information now, and then submit a request to our Help Team for review.


Great that everything went ok, but maybe some statistics ? will be intersting, how many pro, how many not pro affiliated, how many account closed, how many items deleted :slight_smile:


Congrats Eric and good luck to Audiojungle in this new Era.

Great news, Thanks Eric! :slight_smile:

I see with disabled accounts the amount of tracks was reduced by approx 32 000 items.


Great news, Thanks Eric! :slight_smile:

Good news! Thank you!

An exciting new chapter for AudioJungle! Very cool.

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Great news!


When you upload a track you can now fill in composers names!

Is it smart to also add the ipi number there for non USA composers especially… Between brackets perhaps… ?


@ashb_en one question if you can help !
For tracks that already with PRO. Do we have to upload with original title?
Can we change the title and include a doc with the original song name?

Perhaps easiest to add an extra title with the P.R.O.? At least here in Holland that’s quite easy, to add a ‘sub’ title to an already registered track…


Sorry; I can’t help answer that question… Maybe @EricSchwartz can point you in the right direction?

Like Enrize said, about 7% of all AJ tracks were disabled. The number of authors seems to be the same, meaning only the items were disabled, not the author accounts.

AJ is ready for NBC :sunglasses:

Audiojungle running its own way :thumbsup: keep it up AJ :slight_smile:

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great news!

Just FYI, I have done this (Canada, SOCAN) – my Composer says “Steven Taylor - IPI 1234567890” – now I just need some more broadcast sales :slight_smile:

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I see, I though it will be like 30 % :slight_smile:

Can you add already existing AJ item to pro? And how will buyers know that? For example, when I was driving to work today I heard @AurusAudio 's track on local radio commercials 5 times, that’s a lot of royaltys to be collected if those commercial run 50 times/day, but that was purchased before pro was introduced. So,will the buyers get notified to fill pro sheets for already purchased files or not? Thanks

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