PRS registered music

I have asked this before with no response. When submitting a track that is pro registered (PRS) how do buyers know that this is pro if there is no option for selecting this when filling in the information ?

For some reason, Envato chose to deal with PROs on an author basis, not individual tracks. If you want to submit PRO registered music you first have to set your account as PRO affiliated.

So this covers it ?

“You have confirmed that you are a member of United Kingdom PRS and your AudioJungle account will be affiliated with this P.R.O. You can now upload your P.R.O. music!”

Yes it does.

Fair enough. Thanks.

You’re not really covered if you don’t include you CAE/IPI number.

“If you have set your account to be P.R.O. affiliated, you will find two additional attributes on the item upload/edit pages for you to provide the song’s composer and publisher details to customers (including name and IPI number), e.g. for use on cue sheets.”

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