331 Music earning copyright strike on YouTube

As the title says… Copyright Strike because of P.R.O. music. Come on guys what’s happening? This is the first time I’ve encountered this. If we can’t use a track on monetised content please HIGHLIGHT IT SO WE DON’T MISS IT before we do our edits!!! I for one feel my time has been completely wasted and I use your service for many of my clients who also pay for subscriptions on my advice and now I have to say to watch out because you may get a strike? I need to have confidence in who I work with. I expect my tracks to be 100% free from copyright strikes. I can’t take those risks. I get it, each artist can do what they want with their own content and rightly so but come on Envato… I thought the whole point of your service was that we avoided this very thing. To simplify the process.

I’ve been with you for 8 years, don’t bump the content creators. I for one really don’t want music presented to me if I can’t use it in what I consider to be a standard way.

Is there any way I can be sure I don’t have any such content come up in my searches? Man, this aint cool!

This might help…

…and it will usually say under the authors name and badges on the item page, whether they are affiliated with P.R.O.

Copyright strike because of PRO? Are you sure that’s what’s going on here? I have never heard of this.

Are you sure it’s not a copyright notice because of ContentID? In which case, this is absolutely normal and the industry standard. Your Audiojungle license is the key to clear the copyright notice.

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Simply respond to the copyright notice with a copy of your license (which you received when you purchased the item), and these strikes/claims/whatever are usually cleared in a matter of hours.

A music track being registered with a PRO has no bearing on receiving a copyright strike from YouTube.

Actually, a strike is very different from a copyright claim/notice. While a copyright claim is neutral and merely indicates that copyrighted material is being used (and can indeed be lifted easily and quickly), a strike is a warning that copyrights were violated and is a step towards account termination.

If it is indeed a copyright strike, then something went wrong, as music bought on AJ should not generate those.

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Absolutely correct - you stated it much better than I did. The fact that a track is registered with a PRO has nothing to do with copyright strikes.