Second song Copyright strike on a NO youtube content ID registration song

The last time I got a copyright strike on a song that was labeled on envato as NOT being registered with youtube, I had to redo the video with a different song. I kept checking back here and it took weeks for envato to switch the tag for the song to a “YouTube Content ID registered by AdRevz”

This second time, for Video Game, Royalty Free Music Track - Envato Elements has me giving up on the music part of this site. Since the song is not recorded on this website for having a content id registering, I can’t add a license to youtube. Seems like double dipping by the author…my using the song here and MY AD REVENUE when it can’t be resolved.

I LOVE this website, but this is unacceptable. Content creators to this website should get strict warnings on this as it really hurts the brand. Why would I waste my time with music I download when it creates so much havoc for me in the future?

Going for “non-registered” music is the surest way to encounter problems.

All professional music authors do register their music with ContentID, that is the industry standard.

Getting a copyright claim (not a strike) for using copyrighted material is normal and how Youtube set up their system.

You get licenses precisely to lift such claims.

The track being mislabeled does not prevent you from providing the license.


So then when I tick “Excludes PRO” and “Excludes Content ID”, I’m not getting professional music? Which authors am I getting it from? Why even have the options if I’m still going to get dinged?

Well, you’re getting it from unprofessional or inexperienced authors.

Good question. Some buyers were under the impression that using non-registered music was a more convenient option, Envato gave the option to choose. But it is ill-advised.

Non-registered music often falls victim to illegitimate claiming from usurpers. You always want to make sure the music you get is indeed registered, that way you know you’ll receive a legitimate copyright notice you can easily lift with your license.

Also, unless you’re a public performing venue owner, or a broadcaster, there is no reason for you to exclude PRO music.


As stated above, yeah just some Content ID claims. This shouldn’t be, however, giving you a full on Copyright Strike. A content claim is vastly different from a strike. It’s very rare to get a full on strike from content with Envato regardless of Content ID or not. Claims however, happen all the time. Regardless, if you have a license to use the audio, it should be relatively simple to get that cleared. You just have to show proof of the license and the claim will be removed.

As stated, a lot of us do use CID these days to help lift issues with people stealing our work and using it for their materials on YouTube without buying a license (on the Marketplace we are required to include a snippet stating the track is content ID, not sure how it works with Elements however). If you can’t seem to dispute it within YouTube itself, then you should be able to contact AdRev and/or the author themselves. It should be an easy process however.

Also additional info if needed:

Hope this helps in some way

I appreciate the reply. I knew it wasn’t a strike, but it’s frustrating. I don’t have a problem with people registering their work. As a content creator, it pisses me off when people steal other people’s work. It would be nice to have a 100% accurate system where a ding doesn’t slow down the process. There is so much that goes into making a video, well after uploading it. Having to jump through hoops is why I go with music that hasn’t been registered.

Honestly, I thought I wasn’t able to add a license if the work wasn’t registered with youtube (kind of like, why would you need a license for something that hasn’t been licensed)…but I did just figure out how to do it.

So thanks. I’m definitely not trying to be a thorn in anyone’s backside. Nothing makes me more upset than to find that someone has ripped off either one of my ideas or even my video. If it weren’t for the great audio and video creators, my work would be boring.