Can an artist register a song with YouTube Content ID at a later date?

I use a song on from AudioJungle on a lot of my YouTube videos and the song currently isn’t registered with content ID. Can the artist later register it? I’m afraid if this happens it would cause a huge headache having to go back through them all to clear the claims.

I’ve read the buyers guide for Envato and didn’t see anything regarding this.

Yes they can… and many will when they realize how unsafe it is for them not to do so. That’s why your best bet is to get ContentID registered material, as there’s no surprise there.

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I think if you have everything in order with the purchase of the correct licenses and their number (1 license = 1 end product), then you will not have a headache. :blush::wink:

Okay thank you for the heads up! I will make sure to pre-register the ID’s