Royalty Free music track with no YouTube content ID being flagged for revenue share by YouTube

I have downloaded a music track which is marked as ‘Royalty free’, and that has ‘No YouTube Content ID registration’.

I edited my video to it, uploaded it, and YouTube has flagged it as copyright content owned by someone else.

It says I’m fine to use it but that my ad revenue from that video will be shared with the copyright holders of that music.

Surely if I’ve got this music from a service which I am paying for, and it’s marked as Royalty Free, I should not be sharing my revenue with anyone. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do here?

It could be that the author forgot to flag Yes on the Content ID box. You can contact the author or Envato support.

In any case, since you have a license, you can just dispute the claim via YouTube form and you’ll get 100% of the monetization even if the track is registered in a Content ID platform.


Thanks Luca, I realized I could dispute it after posting here so I’ve filed the dispute and included a copy of the license so should hopefully all be ok.
Thanks for posting though, really appreciated

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