YouTube claims on music tracks with content ID registered

Hi ! If you’re planning to use music tracks on youtube with further monetization - stay away from items marked as content ID registered by AdRev and SourceAudio Holdings. Those companies will give you tons of troubles with disputing on youtube and there’s no guarantee that having a valid licence certificate on hands you will finish the dispute succesfully. Theoretically you may be lucky and spend over 40 days to win the dispute - but I can tell you that the time you spend on it definitely doestn’t worth it.
The one normal comany at the moment among registered content ID is Identifyy (HAAWK) - they are working very fast and fair and usually releases claims on Youtube within couple of hours without any problems.

When you buy a license on Audiojungle, you have the right to use the music on Youtube.

Those ContentID third-party companies have a dedicated form where you submit your license to clear the claim. It usually takes a few hours. If for any reason there should be any difficulties, the author has to help you deal with it.

A forty-day wait time before having the claim cleared is neither a normal nor an acceptable time frame.