Songs that have YouTube Content ID Registered: No - are still being flagged on YouTube.

If a song has been noted here as NOT being YouTube Content ID Registered, but you still get a copywrite strike for that song, is there a way to notify Envato about this, so that the information on the item can be corrected.

I would not have purchased the licence if I knew I would be disputing claims.

Unfortunately, music that’s advertised as not being registered often fall prey to scammers who will fraudulently register it in their name.

That’s why it’s always best to go with registered music. ContentID is the industry standard and is not going away.

Choosing unregistered music exposes you to such issues.

You should contact the author and let them know about your situation.


The problem is that I now have to update all of my legal documentation stating that streamers can display the work on their live streams without their work being flagged.
I specifically purchased the Music and Broadcast License for several hundred dollars, and specifically chose music that had not been content ID’d.

I think that Envato should not allow an artist to retroactively change their licensing deal AFTER people have purchased the licenses. This has now cost me close to a thousand dollars to have the legal documents redrawn up to stop me from being liable for revenue lost.

Honestly I think that this has made much of the music on Audiojungle useless in commercial products.

This license is only required for national TV broadcasts or for major motion picture theatrical releases.

Well, they can’t as they don’t own the music. And as I said in my earlier post, the problem is that music advertised as “ContentID free” is often targeted by scammers who register it in their name.

You are not responsible for others’ deeds. As long as you do not redistribute the music as is, you’re doing nothing wrong and can’t be held liable.

This is not an Audiojungle issue only. Most music is registered with ContentID. How do major release games deal with it?