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I’m a professional filmmaker and editor and I use a lot of music on a weekly YouTube channel. I’ve spent 10 years purchasing royalty-free music and in the rare cases that there is a mistake with YouTube flagging a copyright issue, usually the music site from which I’ve purchased the track resolves the issue for me with YouTube. Before signing up to a yearly subscription, I wanted to ask about this as it seems that quite a few people are simply told to chase down the author - an infuriating process when one has already paid for the license and something I certainly don’t have time for when needing to publish within an hour of finishing an edit. Can anyone please advise me on how frequently this happens and if Envato issues a refund in the case that the author simply doesn’t respond?
Thank you so much in advance.

When you got a claim from Youtube just send them the invoice, they will be remove it.
Authors usually register ContentID to protect their work. Wouldnt be the first time that any other person register the track without permission…


Most music is registered with ContentID nowadays. This means that using music on YouTube will usually generate a copyright notice. There is no way around this, I’m afraid.

The license you buy at Audiojungle is the key to clear this copyright claim. ContentID third-parties such as AdRev or Identifyy have a dedicated form where you can attach your license, the claim is then clear within a few hours.

This is how the system works, as set up by YouTube.

Authors may help facilitate this process for you, but you are not required to go through them.

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