Problem with Alumo music licenses (Envato Elements)

Hello! If the author “Alumo” from Envato Elements is here, please check my impugnations for the Youtube channel SCIENFIX. It’s been more than 15 days since I submitted my license and he still hasn’t responded to my challenge, so my video still has copyright restrictions.

YouTube allows 30 days to reply to a dispute and if you don’t receive any reply YouTube will remove that copyright claim as the claimant didn’t respond. You could also find that author on AudioJungle, just type the title of that audio in the search bar and that will bring up that item. Then just open author’s profile and message. That might speed up the process.

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Hey @styliothemes, sorry to hear about this!..You can only imagine my surprise when I just popped into the forums for my usual evening lurk/digest and to see the words ‘problem with Alumo music’ glaring back at me in bold type lol.

Anyhow, just to let you know, I’ve just created a channel license for you, meaning you won’t receive any copyright claims on my music going forward (so you’re safe to use my music here on out without a claim being generated) and I’ve released all existing claims on my music from your videos. If you check your YouTube video manager, hopefully this will be reflected there. If not, just give it a few hours and check again.

Of course, feel free to contact me via my forum profile on here if you need help with anything.

Also, just so you’re aware, if you try to clear YouTube copyright claims directly via a YouTube dispute or via AdRev (or any third-party copyright management platforms for that matter), the composer isn’t actually personally notified, so that would explain why you didn’t hear back from me until now.

As @SuzanaTArt rightly pointed out, the best way to get claims cleared as quickly as possible is to locate and contact the author directly via AudioJungle itself and usually the author will take it from there.

Hope that helps and cheers,

Matt (Alumo)


Thanks man! your music is awesome. Thanks for the tip, sometimes I have a hard time finding to dispute because the name of the license registered on youtube doesn’t match the name of the product on Envato Elements.

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