BEWARE of Elite Alliance Music

I have been with Envato (many of their sites) for easily 15-20 years. I am completely above board on music, photos, etc. with regards to licensing on my projects and my client projects.

I have a YouTube channel and had copyright restrictions (not a strike) for two pieces of music on a new upload. I did the dispute thing and uploaded my licenses. The first one accepted it immediately.

Elite Alliance Music? Rejected my dispute and continued their claim, screwing me out of some features on YouTube to promote my video.

I will not be using ANYTHING from Elite Alliance Music and Envato should either communicate the issue with them or I may have to find a different music source. I found many others here in the forum with the same issue. Not cool.



There have been many threads about Elite Alliance. I’ve heard two sides.

On one hands, buyers complain that they do not lift claims even when provided with a license.

On the other hands some authors who are registered with Elite Alliance claim that they strictly apply Envato’s license terms, and maintain the claim if those terms are not entirely respected.

Are you sure you have used the license just for that one video? In any case, if there is an issue and you are not able to use your license as you should, then contacting the author could help sort things out.


I am using their service and i must confirm, sometimes they know Envato Licenses better than i. So no complains, they strictly follow rules. Fastest way is to contact author of your music directly and carefully read Market and Elements rules, they are different.

We are currently facing the same issue with them. We have licensed a video twice for one of our customers, yet the claim still persists. We have followed all the correct procedures, obtaining one license for a specific video.

We have already submitted a ticket on Envato’s website, reached out directly to the author, and even opened a dispute on YouTube. Unfortunately, we have received no resolution so far. If they do not revoke the claim, we may have no choice but to take legal action against both Envato and Elite Alliance, as our customer is considering this course of action.

We strongly believe that Envato should ban such authors and companies from their platform. We have come across numerous similar problems with them, and it is clear that selling something without honoring the rights associated with it is fraudulent. This situation is disappointing for Envato as well, as it reflects poorly on their platform.

After more than five years of working with Envato, four years on another account and one year on this one, we are contemplating using other services that either manage such issues directly or take responsibility for such cases.

What did Envato support say? What about Elite Alliance, were you able to contact them?

While getting a copyright claim for using copyrighted material is a perfectly normal process, clearing such a claim with a valid license should be easy and quick. I understand your frustration that in your case it’s not.

Just for the sake of clarification, are you sure you provided a unique license code for each video? What process did you use to lift the claim, via Youtube’s dispute form, or directly through Elite Alliance?

Write directly to author. It’s fastest way to receive solution. P.S. from my experience, i am processing a lot of requests from Elite Alliance to me, checking licenses. It’s inevitable, because there is a lot of cases with license misuse. It’s around 100-300 per week. I know, never Elite Alliance ignore such requests of you, and every request received response from their support specialist, explaining what’s wrong or answering about any additional details

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I got this warning yesterday. To be honest, if you pay a platform and a lot of people are having these issues just remove the music, ban it, just stop using it. I did this, I removed the music and I will never even Elite Alliance Music again. Thanks.

But even so, I think it’s not fair from our side that is paying, can’t use it plus there is a risk of receiving YouTube warning, strikes etc. Completely unfair.


Most authors user various Content ID systems to protect their copyright, so Elite Alliance or other services - process of removing this claims is strait forward, of course it take some time, but if all ok with your licenses no problems at all.

The same problem here.

I have enough explaining to my customers that license I’ve send them is fully legal, while they receive yet another infringement claim. It just makes me and my company look bad…

Anyway, I just find out that there is information on site if audio is related to EAM, so I will just keep an eye out for it in the future.

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I used several of their tracks, from one of their authors, Anton Vlasov. I downloaded them from envato, provided all the licenses to resolve disputes, but all claims were denied. I then download the same tracks from other stock music site, provide the license, and they disagree with the disputes again.

Today I had 8 tracks that were not accepted by Elite Alliance Music on Youtube. I know that I did the procedure correctly. I do it all the time. The same video had other musics included that were accepted from the other companies. It seems that this happens on purpose from them.

I dont understand whats the point of paying for a service that claims to provide “Royalty Free Music” and everytime you use the music on Youtube you get copyright claims. This is not just with Elite Alliance Music its with many authors on the site. If you post your music on a site like Envato you shouldnt be putting restrictions on its usage.

That’s simply how YouTube works. When you use copyrighted material, a copyright notice is generated. You buy a license precisely to lift the copyright notice.

Well, there are restrictions within the license terms. However as long as you respect those terms, you can use the music any way you want. You merely have to notify YouTube, that you indeed have a license for the copyrighted material used in your video.


From my experince, i usually release 90-90% of claims. Those who not released usually have common problems - breaching of Envato Elements License terms. Most common mistake is usage of one license on several videos (need separate license for downloaded music from Envato Elements AND absolutely different license terms for music from Audiojungle, where miltiple usage allowed if the video is part of series). Usually after rejection customers applied with fresh license and thus 99% of claims released.

Same problem with Elite Alliance Music … I cannot understand their policies

Please check Envato market or Envato Elements license terms and you will understand Elite Alliance policy. They are trying to follow those rules. If you have any particular problems, just write to author directly. All mess sorted faster in this case.

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Elite Alliance is a greedy music company. Be careful not to use it.