Envato Author: U-Music. Please Help With Unfair Copyright Claim

I’m facing a false copyright claim from Elite Alliance Music on a track by U-Music (link removed) licensed from Envato Elements. I followed the appeal process, but my license was ignored. I’m hoping U-Music can provide guidance, or if anyone from the Envato community has faced similar issues, please share any advice.

I also reached out to the Elite Music Alliance via their contact page yesterday but have not received a response so far. Similarly, I sent a message to the U-Music author through their AudioJungle profile contact option, but there has been no reply from them either.

I want to avoid strikes for music I’ve paid for. I plan to submit a notification but would prefer not to. Can you explain why my licenses are being ignored?

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Those copyright claims happen when authors submit their music to Content ID where that music is delivered to YouTube, but also other platforms and those platforms monitor and deliver claims when such music is recognized in any video. They just claim to check if you have a license for that track and also that you are using that track within what license actually permits. What you are allowed to do with tracks licensed through AudioJungle is explained here. In this situation, Elite Alliance Music monitors usage of that track for the author and after you disputed they most likely rejected the dispute because they believe the license doesn’t allow such usage. As you emailed yesterday and it’s the weekend, plus Easter, probably they will reply next week.


Thank you, SuzanaTArt, for your explanation and for pointing out the timing of my email. I understand the process of copyright claims through Content ID and the role of Elite Alliance Music in monitoring the usage of the track. I appreciate your note that, given the weekend and Easter holidays, a response from them might be expected next week.

My concern is that my license, obtained through Envato Elements for my YouTube video for sleeping music, is not being accepted by Elite Alliance Music, leading to the rejection of my dispute, even though I believe my usage is within the permitted terms. I’m seeking the author’s (U-Music) help or any guidance from the community to resolve this issue quickly, as I have only 28 days to address the rejection with YouTube.

Thank you again for your assistance.

Sorry, but this sounds like it could indeed be breeching the terms. If your end-product is “sleeping music”, then clearly the music itself is the product. This is clearly prohibited in the terms. It would explain why Elite Alliance rejected your license.

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Thank you for your input. According to the Envato Elements license terms, “The value of the End Product (i.e., the video) must not be predominantly derived from the music; instead, the value of the End Product must stem from the combination of the music and the visual (as well as any other elements).” In my YouTube video, the visuals are substantial and integral, creating a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere for sleep. Also, voiceovers are included to enhance the experience, with the music serving as a complementary background element. Therefore, the value of my video is not predominantly from the music alone, but from the combination of audio and visuals, which should align with the license’s intent. The end product is a holistic experience. I appreciate your concern and will continue to ensure that my use of the music is in compliance with the license terms.

I just had a look at your example. And I confirm, this is a blatant breach of the terms.

The video is called “sleeping music” or variation of it. The channel itself is called “1 hour sleep music”. So yes, obviously the music is the end product.

The visuals in your videos are just supporting the music, not the other way around as it should be. How many of your viewers who are trying to fall asleep even look at their screen to see those visuals? Come on!

Thank you for taking the time to review my content and provide feedback. I understand your perspective;

however, I’d like to clarify that the videos are designed to be a multi-sensory experience, where visuals and original voiceovers play a significant role.

The channel’s focus on “sleep music” is indeed to aid discovery for those seeking relaxation, but this does not diminish the role of the visuals and voiceovers, which are integral to the experience. My intent is to offer more than just auditory stimulation; the visuals serve a purpose for those who initially engage with the video awake and are an essential component of the content. The name emphasizes one element, but the content is a balanced blend as per Envato’s licensing requirements.

I’m striving to ensure that my content fully respects the terms of the license and provides a unique and compliant viewer experience.

I appreciate your concern, and I will take your points into consideration as I continue to create and refine my videos.

I wanted to reply to you later via private messages since you messaged me on Saturday. Since you have brought this dialogue to the forum, I will answer here.
Your entire video is in violation of the Envato Elements license terms. License Terms — Envato Elements
Because this End Product is dominated by music rather than video. Your video is called “Music for Sleep”; you actually distribute and monetize my music through YouTube.

Read paragraph 12 carefully and draw a conclusion. Your End Product should dominate my music, and the music should only be in the background.
Here’s an example of how to use music well on Envato Elements: Guided Meditation. Your video + music (background) + meditation voice, your original text that will dominate this End Product.
People who have channels like yours buy all the music rights from composers who specifically write music for such YouTube channels, since the Envato Elements license is not suitable for that.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but those arguments about the visuals importance and holistic multi-sensory experience are BS and would not hold anywhere.

You clearly are offering the music as the end-product, as your channel name, video titles and video descriptions suggest, and as the content itself confirms.

I also think that you already know it. As you seem to have carefully read up on the terms. Which means that not only is this a breach of terms, it’s a malevolent breach.

The lame artificial voice-over doesn’t bring any value and is just here because you think it makes you respect the terms. It doesn’t.

The intent of the terms is pretty clear, the music cannot be the “main attraction”. The intent of your videos is pretty clear as well, to provide relaxing music. Whether or not you add visuals or voice-overs to it is irrelevant.

Thank you all for your input and perspectives. I’ve taken note of the points raised and will consider them moving forward. I appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into this discussion. Wishing you all the best in your creative endeavors.