Copyright claim rejected Elite alliance Music. U-music is the author

I have a subscription to this platform. I have downloaded 4 music tracks from Envato, whose author is named U-music. its registrered from elite alliance music. When I uploaded them to my YouTube video, a copyright claim appeared. I obtained the licenses from the platform and submitted them in the copyright dispute, but it was rejected. I need a solution or a refund for my subscription. I have followed all the copyright claim procedures on the platform, and they still rejected the copyright claim. I am going to attach the item IDs to help identify them, as well as the YouTube videos that have the copyright claim. i have emailed elite alliance group and i haven’t received a response. same to @U-Music .





I I thank you for the answer but I already read that article weeks ago, I thank you but it does not help me at all because I have already done step by step everything it says there and I have been rejected the license.

U-Music's profile on AudioJungle have you tried contacting the author using the profile form?

It would be cool to know what’s going on with Elite Alliance anyway, since they seem to be inclined to reject appeals, unlike other Content ID platforms. Maybe some authors who are reading this and are with them can explain?

Hello, im going to delete all those license codes.

And as other authors said, write directly to the author, please.

thnak you! yes i contacted de author trought Audiojungle, buf for now i don’t have any response at all. i will update you, also i tried to contact to elite alliance music but also they don’t respond

Check your license code. It doesn’t seem it’s correct. ( way too short )