Avoid using Elite Alliance Music audio - copyright issues

I just got my dispute denied on YouTube for a sound by this group, even though I clearly have access to the music since its on Envato. They take way to long to respond (if they ever do respond) to your dispute, and just denied mine. Save yourself the time and just don’t use any audio that mentions this group! Envato you should just remove them off of the platform because it just wastes everyone’s time.

Hello and welcome!

To get that cleared you need to contact the author directly and then the author will notify Elite Alliance Music and request to remove the copyright claim.

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There is no reason for them to deny your dispute if you provide a proper license and your use falls under the license terms.

Are you positive you’ve used the piece of music in only one end-product and provided a valid license?

Abuse of the license terms is a possible reason why they may deny a dispute. If that’s not the case, then the author can and has to help you sort this out for you.

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