I keep getting copyright claim when I have license- Elite Music Alliance

I don’t understand why this company “Elite Music Alliance” keeps sending me copyright claims when I legitimately paid for this music and have even included a copy of the original license. They denied the appeal and my videos may be taken down and I would receive strikes when I did nothing wrong.

These musicians post their music on these platforms to sell all over the place and then a new one comes along and submits a copyright claim. I receive these all the time, but this is the first time it has been denied even when I have given them proof.

I also reached out to the company via email “Elite Music Alliance” but so far, no response.

Here is a link to the music listed for sale on the Envato Elements Website- “Meditation Music” and the author is Mike Stown. He has over 400 tracks on Envato.

I would like to avoid getting strikes for music I clearly paid for. I do plan to submit a notification but would like to avoid this. Or can you please explain to me why my licenses are being disregarded?

I’m not sure how to reach out to the original artist. Any advice would be appreciated.


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This Help Article should be able to help https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016435492-Guide-to-YouTube-Content-ID-Copyright-Notices#h_747153928641540770165127


I actually did this and they still escalated it and now I have 7-days to take it down or get a strike. They are completely disregarding the license and I have left 2 emails to the company but neither has received a response. I tried to reach out to youtube but I basically got a form letter. Is it possible to reach out to the artist?


You can certainly contact the artist as well. Maybe they can put some pressure on them -

This particular author has been unresponsive on similar issues. There have been many reports of Elite Alliance dismissing valid licenses lately. Maybe that’s something Envato should look into and clarify.

Having customers buying unusable licenses is not something you guys should allow, is it?


Hi, it’s November 2022, and this is STILL HAPPENING. It’s INFURIATING. We are PAYING for these licenses. And YouTube does NOTHING to help. Elite Alliance composers need to be banned from Envato if they’re going to be doing this. It’s dirty, and it destroys our creative careers. Please do something about this, Envato.


I’m having the same issue with Elite Alliance, I sent the licenses and they rejected it. WTF! And my video is too long to remove their stupid music. They should not be allowed to offer music on Envato Elements if they are not going to honor the license. Who can we talk to about this? What can we do? They are getting parts of the money I make on the video because they don’t honor the license I paid for? That is WRONG! and very frustrating.


Have you contacted the author? They should be able to sort it out for you.

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hello, try to search the music in the audiojungle site then contact the author, you will find a place when you can contact him. if he doesn’t reply. you can search the author’s name, find his email then contact him.

I’m having the same issue with this company. Envato, if you do not correct this company’s malicious behavior, I will spearhead a lawsuit against you for representing music that you do not have the rights to. Please don’t let this escalate as it’s a waste of time for all of us. Have your rep call this publisher and get them in line, please. I just posted an entirely new season of our show and every episode is showing these strikes with this company. If I need to go back into post-production to correct it, this bill will be enormous and it will come to you. I love your service, but you must deal with this. - @everyone @KingDog

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Hi spestander,

Please open a Support Ticket via Envato Elements Help and Support and make sure to reference your User Name. They will be happy to help. Thanks!

I am experiencing the same issue with Elite Alliance. I sent them the licenses, but they rejected them, stating that I cannot monetize my video because it violates Envato’s licensing terms. I still don’t understand why this is the case.

I sent an email to Envato, but I haven’t heard back yet.
Evato, if that’s true, could you please clearly state what is allowed and what is not allowed when it comes to music? Is it all determined on a case-by-case basis?

Although I’ll probably just take down my video, but It’s VERY frustrating to waste all this time and energy… and now I’m thinking how to avoid such situations in the future.

@everyone @KingDog


Did you use the same license for more than one video? If so, that would explain why they rejected them.

As for what’s allowed or not, it’s there:

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I use the same music in 13 episodes of our show. and the licence is to the name of the show.

I would prefer to not even have the option of having Elite Alliance music on envato. The process of creating is tough enough, to make me a music supervisor on top is just too much. They did remove most of the strikes on my youtube videos, but if they wanted to be an issue, they could and I don’t want a channel ban due to any publishing company. AI music is next and these companies will all be wiped soon enough, but in the mean time.

Envato**** Please make “My downloads” searchable so I can easily track down music I’ve used for incidents like this. **** And in the “Music” search, please allow a search for composers. This would make this situation for your customers much easier. ****** Also a BIG ALSO! make sure the music tracks are labeled correctly. I find barely any music tracks are titled correctly so when a publisher asks for a specific track, I can never find it, because they say " Asset used: We Always Live This Way - Alec Koff and I search in music,. there is no such track!!!. Please fix. @everyone @KingDog

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Hi spestander,
I am having the same issue with Elite Music Alliance. Have you resolved your issue? If yes, could you please share what exactly you did to fix the claim issue?
Looking forward to hear from you soon and and thank you.
@spestander @KingDog

This is false statement. Elite Alliance knows our licenses sometimes better than we do. Read Elements license FAQ. For example, this " Can I use music items downloaded from the Envato Elements library in YouTube videos?

This depends on how the music is used in the YouTube video. The value of the End Product (i.e. the video) must not be predominantly derived from the music; instead, the value of the End Product must stem from the combination of the music and the visual (as well as any other elements). If it’s likely that people will be clicking on the video mainly to listen to the music, it is likely that this video is in breach of the license.
May be that is the reason?

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Yes, I was mistaken at the time (a year and a half ago). Elite Alliance was still a pretty new name on the forums, and there were, at the time, many posts saying they were unresponsive. I didn’t know then that it was because they were strictly respecting Envato’s terms.

Anyway, I think it’s rich, that you would pulled an old post to lecture me on ContentID and license terms. I remember a time when you were boasting your “hassle-free” contentID free music, because you “respect your professional buyers”. Rich indeed.

Thanks for toxic words here. After a lot of cases where my music were used illegally i changed my attitude. No benefits in this days to stay away from Content ID, only losses. So it was mistake, the one that cost me a lot of money. My apologies. From other point of view, i were waiting for adopting this model of copyright protection, and now it generates less questions than few years ago.