I keep getting copyright claim when I have license- Elite Music Alliance

I don’t understand why this company “Elite Music Alliance” keeps sending me copyright claims when I legitimately paid for this music and have even included a copy of the original license. They denied the appeal and my videos may be taken down and I would receive strikes when I did nothing wrong.

These musicians post their music on these platforms to sell all over the place and then a new one comes along and submits a copyright claim. I receive these all the time, but this is the first time it has been denied even when I have given them proof.

I also reached out to the company via email “Elite Music Alliance” but so far, no response.

Here is a link to the music listed for sale on the Envato Elements Website- “Meditation Music” and the author is Mike Stown. He has over 400 tracks on Envato.

I would like to avoid getting strikes for music I clearly paid for. I do plan to submit a notification but would like to avoid this. Or can you please explain to me why my licenses are being disregarded?

I’m not sure how to reach out to the original artist. Any advice would be appreciated.


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This Help Article should be able to help https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016435492-Guide-to-YouTube-Content-ID-Copyright-Notices#h_747153928641540770165127


I actually did this and they still escalated it and now I have 7-days to take it down or get a strike. They are completely disregarding the license and I have left 2 emails to the company but neither has received a response. I tried to reach out to youtube but I basically got a form letter. Is it possible to reach out to the artist?

You can certainly contact the artist as well. Maybe they can put some pressure on them -

This particular author has been unresponsive on similar issues. There have been many reports of Elite Alliance dismissing valid licenses lately. Maybe that’s something Envato should look into and clarify.

Having customers buying unusable licenses is not something you guys should allow, is it?

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