Youtube claim problem license


I have come to write a message because I have problems with a license.

After 2 months I received a claim on youtube on my video.

I had a lot of trouble finding the music because it doesn’t have the same name on ennvato and on the claim.

The author’s name is not the same “MusicalSmile” on my license and “Elite Alliance Music” on the claim.

In addition there is no content id normally.

I do not understand anything and I do not know how to contact envato.

Thank you for your help.

@MusicalSmile I summon you :slight_smile:

Try the contact form on this website:

Copy/paste your license info and your youtube URL.


Please send me a link to your video.

And I will quickly release your video from the complaint.


Hello @MusicalSmile

thank you for your message.

here is my video

Best clément.



I removed the complaint from your video.

In the future, you can always contact me for quick removal of complaints.

I hope for your understanding, Content ID is a forced measure of copyright protection.
I do not in any way want to create any problems with Youtube to my customers.

And I will always be happy to help you quickly remove the complaint from your YouTube video.



Hi, i also have a Claim for Music I bought on envato, and the author’s name is: Elite Alliance Music
Can you please help me too?


I registered my portfolio in Content ID via Elite Alliance Music.
If you use my particular track, I can help you quickly remove the complaint.


Hi @MusicalSmile ,

I faced the same problem too.
Could you please remove the complaint fr my youtube video too?

Anyway, I love your music… :slight_smile:
I can provide the license code too if necessary. Thanks

Hello Musical Smile,

I recently started my Youtube Channel, Nostalgia Montage, so it is not monetized yet but I used your Inspirational Cinematic Piano With Orchestra in my Bring Me to Life montage which I licensed through Envatop Elements. Can you clear the claim with Youtube? The link to my video is:
Thank You! Tina


I removed the complaint from your video.


This video is copyrighted. I copied the license but elite alliance refused. How do I remove it now? this is the first time i encounter such a problem.


Thank you for the information provided!
I deleted the complaints.


вс, 13 июн. 2021 г. в 15:23, huseyinyuksekdag via Envato Forums <>:

Good day @MusicalSmile,

Please, could you look into my audio which I got from

I used your audio on this video Furnished and Serviced Office Space at Muri Okunola VI - YouTube and got a copyright notice.

Thank you


This is not my track.

I advise you to download a License for this track (in the downloads section of your account).
You will be able to see the author of the track and contact him.

I hope this will help you!


пн, 23 авг. 2021 г. в 21:51, eoriaifo via Envato Forums <>:

Hi, could you release mine also?

Thank you so much. :pleading_face: I just play it on my review for Huawei Screen Collaboration.

This is not my track.
Epic Elite represents the interests of many authors through Content ID.
Please contact the author of the music.


пн, 4 окт. 2021 г. в 02:30, edj1 via Envato Forums <>:

Hello, I have this problem. The video is [IMPERO RP] 💜 BALLAS 💜 Lenny viene rapito e ucciso? - YouTube - From 8.06 to 8:36 !

And this one [IMPERO RP] 💜 BALLAS 💜 Ballas e i Vagos fanno guerra contro i Families e gli Hidden - YouTube from 17:10 to 19:06

It’s the same song in both videos.

Thank you

Hi @MusicalSmile
I just got a copy right strike for “Epic Cinematic Dramatic Story-
MusicalSmile” while having envato license.
I made an appeal several days ago and a copy strike is received and my video is deleted - YouTube.
How would you remove my strike!?


Please send a link to your video and license.

If my music was used in your video, I will try to deal with it as quickly as possible.

Alex (MusicalSmile)

ср, 2 февр. 2022 г. в 17:05, leena30 via Envato Forums <>:

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