Youtube Claim Problem License


I have come to write a message because i have problems with a license…

After maybe 1 week I received a claim on youtube on my video.

I had a lot of trouble finding the music because it doesn’t have the same name on my video and on the claim.

The author’s name is not the same “Music 4 Video” on my video and “Elite Aliance Music” on the claim

In addition there is not content id normally

I do not understand anything and I do not know how to contact envato

Thank you for your help.

An author has full right to register his track with Content ID at anytime, so it can be not registered when you purchased the license, and it is registered now.

Basically, all you need to do to release the claim is to provide a license to YouTube or to it’s partner. The item is registered with Elite Alliance, so you can contact them here (choose “Copyright Claim” in Subject field) Elite Alliance