Resolving a copyright claim on music used in a YouTube video

Hello I use envato element and I have an artist who has put claims on several old videos.
I don’t know how to find it because the names of youtube and envato music are different. There is also no search system in the “download” tab. How to find my lycence easily?

RafaelKrux or Superlala do not existe on Envato …

This is why you always want to get music that is ContentID registered, so as to avoid these headaches.

You want to contact the author you got the music from, but if you didn’t keep any info on those tracks it may be tricky.

You could try to contact the claimant by googling their names. But if they’re not authors on Envato then there’s something fishy going on. It could be fraudulent claiming, or the music was fraudulently sold on Envato.

what is complicated is that the name of the music and the name of the artist is different on Envato and on youtube. The system is really badly done!

This is also possible if someone stole this tracks from Elements and registered it illegally. Better to search this track in your dashboard and find who sold it here, contact him/her and explain what is happened.

The fact that those names are different may indicate a conflict of ownership. If this is indeed the case then there are two possibilities:

  1. The claim is fraudulent, meaning the claimant registered music they do not own rights for. The rightful owner would have to fight the claimant in order to regain full ownership of their asset.

  2. The music is fraudulently being sold on Envato by someone who’s not the actual author. In which case, Envato needs to be made aware and ban them.

However, it could be a case of false positive, where the system misidentified the music and incorrectly put a claim. You would have to compare the music in your video with the track from the claimant to make sure they are indeed the same.
Finally, the best case scenario would be that the claimant and the Envato author are one and the same, but they use a pseudonym on the platform. You’d just have to contact them and ask them to clear he claim for you.

But to me this feels like a conflict.

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I managed to find one of the music by searching in my old project “premiere pro”

c’est @Orchestralis whith Télécharger Fantaisie inspirante gratuitement, morceau Musique

I have not yet managed to find the other two.

Good news, then there is no issue. Orchestralis seems to be the name under which the claimant operates. They are the same person and you should have no issue clearing the claim with your license.

it’s really very badly done on envato.
The name that can be found on youtube claims is not at all the same.
I use 10 sometimes 15 music with 1 video per week it’s complicated to manage.
I was dear musibed before, the claims this removes it alone and the names of the artists are identical.

Authors are free to use a “brand” name. Not much Envato can do about it. The author should have included a reference to their brand when they registered with ContentID.

I agree though that Envato has never tried to implement solutions to facilitate the process for their customers. Because of their inertia, they are now behind and that’s a shame.

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yes it’s a shame, he could easily ask the creator to add their youtube name and / or their music name on youtube and creates a search system in our downloads
The last one I finally found it, if I have more my original project it is impossible to find the license nothing is similar.

finally thank you for your help!


Thank you for your post, for choosing our music for your videos and my apologies for the inconvenience!

In order to clear the claims from your videos, could you please send the links of your videos to and we’ll take it from there?

Thank you again for your patience!

All the best,
Rafael Krux


I used a piece of Music from Orchestralis in several videos and now gets copyright claims every week, that I have to deal with and upload the same license to YouTube over and over again. I will never ever again use a piece of stock music in a video. Never. It’s too much work. Why upload music to a stock site and then stalk the users with even MORE claims?
Also, I thought I made sure to only use music without content ID to avoid further claims, but apparently you can add a content ID at any time? And then the flood of copyright claims begins. :roll_eyes:
Greedy. No thanks. Bye.

Once it’s cleared, a claim should not reappear. Something doesn’t seem to be working as it should here, you want to contact the author and let them know about your issue.

ContentID is the industry standard. That’s why you always want to get ContentID registered music so as to avoid any issue further down the line.


Thank you for your message and my apologies for the inconvenience!

Could you please contact us at together with copies of licenses, a link to your Youtube channel, and links to affected videos? We can then request a whitelisting of your Youtube channel so that you don’t get any copyright claims for using our music in your videos in the future.

Looking forward to your email,
Thank you again for your patience!

All the best,
Rafael Krux

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I wish Adrev Publishing was as responsive!

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