Copyright claims on purchased music?!

So, I purchase a lot of music on AudioJungle and have one fave composer whose sound matches my videography style perfectly, but I have a problem. After uploading my video to YouTube I got a copyright notice. I have filed a counter claim and included the license on both YouTube AND via the method Envato staff mentioned. I’m now on day 4 of awaiting any kind on response and YouTube have stated it could take 30 days, in the mean time I lose all my ad revenue which now goes to the composer which completely defies the whole point of purchasing tracks.
Is there anything I can do to get this resolved?

If you have all the (correct) licenses for music, you can demand from YouTube a full refund of funds that are transferred to the author of the music. Do not let it go on the brakes - demand a refund. Good luck.


Thanks Evgen! I do indeed have the correct licenses and should I lose significant funds I will contact YouTube!

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If the copyright claim comes from AdRev, just skip YouTube forms and write to AdRev instead, using their contact form.
They are very fast and they usually release every claim in a few hours.


Thanks! I did try the AdRev method, still no joy, that said I contacted the composer (Mexikus) directly and he unclaimed the video for me so no more issues! :slight_smile:

Glad you could resolve your issue with the author. Do you mean that you have used the Adrev contact page copy pasted the content of your license, and they did not come back to you within 48 hours?

We authors rely on them to act quickly. If they don’t anymore, then we have a serious problem.

I don’t think it’s quite been 48 hours since I contacted AdRev via their form with all the relevant license info, it must be coming up to that hour now, my first point of contact was YouTube to dispute the claim. While in this particular case it wasn’t a huge deal as I don’t expect to amass insane views on this clip, I do expect my upcoming content to go viral. As a creative yourself you know just how much money we spend on equipment, I’ve invested insane amount in my film making equipment, I’m currently relocating my entire life 2000 miles away with the specific intention of creating viral content and the last thing I’d need is 48 hours of ad revenue to go down the pan after putting so much effort in. In future I’ll always make sure I have direct content with the composer/producer. Lesson learned :slight_smile:

Missed your last post somehow.
48 hours should be the maximum before they lift the claim. Historically, they acted within a couple hours. If it’s no longer the case, it will be problematic for sure. The trick, although far from ideal, is to put your video in unlisted mode until the claim is lifted.

Indeed. And this is the very reason why we authors have to use ContentID, as without it we are mercilessly pillaged.

Good luck with your relocation and new life :slight_smile: