Copyright Claim on YouTube

My story is that I bought a piece of great music to use on my YouTube video, and got hit by a copy right claim by YouTube and AdRev.

No amount of tinkering around with AdRevs contact page could remove it, the attach a file widget does not work for sending my license, I tried using different devices & browsers to no avail, all of my many emails were ignored, I tried evanto help desk - they couldn’t help, and so buyers of music beware this is not an easy deal and you could buy music and receive nothing in return. If anyone knows how to fix this (I’m no longer holding my breath) please reach out. - Roger

I hope this can help;

Envato Elements provides a simple license file that can be used to clear Youtube copyright claims, including AdRev and Content ID.
As documented in the Help Center:

“Elements provide license certificates for audio you download on Envato Elements, so should a copyright notice appear on a video containing music that is tracked by Content ID, it can be easily cleared.”

For instructions on how to clear a claim, see here:


Did you ever get this resolved? I’m concerned that my BUSINESS is purchasing licenses for not-for-profit videos and Adrev is stalking these via the music. All my 15 subscribers versus their clients Universal and Warner (so they claim). If that’s the case, and every video is going to have an (this case fraudulent) Adrev copyright claim - does it really make sense to buy music license on Audiojungle via Envato?