AdRev is Waiting The Full 30 Days For Release 😡

:rage: In the last 2 weeks, AdRev has levied over a dozen claims on my channel for copyrighted music. I have been a customer at AudioJungle for over a decade and almost all my music comes from here. But as of this past year, AdRev is not releasing claims, they are simply allowing them to expire and Youtube DOES NOT GIVE THE MONEY BACK DURING THAT TIME! When these claims come in from AdRev, my earnings take a dive and don’t recover until well after a claim expires. So for that pay period, I take a hit and never get back the money that supposedly :roll_eyes: went into escrow because I never see that above and beyond increase the next pay period.

MUSIC CREATORS Please apply pressure to AdRev to admin your music fairly. If they are going to place a claim, REMOVE the claim as soon as the purchase code is provided in the Youtube Dispute. OR for creators who have shown clearly that over time they purchase music, to put those long term customers in a white list so we don’t have to be bothered with this process. WE ARE LOSING MONEY!

I have no problem taking my business elsewhere and finding music that I’m not constantly being harrassed over. Music creators, please demand better customer services from those who admin your music or you’ll find your customers going somewhere else.

If you’re having issue with a ContentID claim that is not lifted when a valid license is provided, then you should contact the author so they can take care of it for you.

Have you tried to clear the claims via AdRev’s form? This used to be the quickest way to deal with it (don’t know if it’s still is).

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Yes I have tried with AdRev’s form and they never reply or clear a claim! NEVER! The only way they will clear a claim is IF I get the author involved. I now have almost 20 claims in Dec. and some of them are not even accurate and a strike will take my channel down for a week. I’m done with audio jungle.

One of the authors they are claiming is not even active on Audio Jungle anymore. How am I supposed to fight that dispute? Another is claiming on MULTIPLE videos a certain song is Beautiful Day (Beautiful Day.-14886-RFR Mark Marco), but that song isn’t even on Audio Jungle and IN FACT the song in question is actually Bright New Start on audiojungle. See for yourself. Homeschool Day at the Library - An American Homestead - YouTube

AdRev is just making obnoxious claims in order to get money because they know they can wait the 30 days and still take a cut and better yet they can fear monger creators to not dispute and mature channels like mine who will worry about losing our channel. I make more money on my channel with outside advertisers than I do with youtube ads. So why risk it all with copyright claims that I HAVE FOR YEARS PAID FOR? Sorry audio jungle. I can’t risk you anymore. I’ll find music someplace else.

The best thing audio jungle can do is hold AdRev and its bots accountable before you lose too many customers.