AdRev experience. Few years later.

Hello fellow composers!

There are many topics about AdRev, but in this one i would like to kindly ask everyone who has been registered in AdRev for quite a long time already to share his experience.

  1. Was it worth it?
  2. Did you earn some reasonable money?
  3. Have you noticed a sales drop? (i.e clients don’t want to mess with Content ID protected items)
  4. How many times customers contacted you about AdRev issues? Were they angry and upset?
  5. Some other interesting stories?

Thank you in advance!


1: Worth it!
2: My upcoming payment will be quite huge thanks to only one video that has 4 million views.
3: Perhaps… but i would rather have less clients then people stealing my music and uploading it to AdRev themselves.
4: At least 1 or 2 per month… they are always respectful and some are apologetic because they used the video unlicensed.

  1. Yes, totally.
  2. Yes last quarter was the best thanks to 1 viral video.
  3. Not sure - so many other factors to take into consideration.
  4. Only a few customers got in touch when AdRev was first implemented.

Would I recommend it? Yes. But I’ve also raised prices across the board and am a PRO member. Surprisingly, I’ve realised these things take balls around here.


“Take balls”? What does it means here?

takes courage


How many people, so many opinions. On the one hand, you protect your music and so on. I personally do not use, because it was discussed earlier (which is part of the customer can withdraw from this). But this is just my opinion on this matter. You decide. All the best !:sunglasses:

I don’t know if Adrev accept authors from AJ again, but if they do it’s better to use them. I’m not a user of Adrev, but I know how it feels when people steal your music and put them in content ID


I’ve already registered on AdRev but still on the edge whether or not to upload any music to it…

It seems that AdRev doesn’t accept new RoyaltyfreeMusic Authors anymore.

But yeah if you already have an account it definitely worth it for many reasons explained above.

And some of actual best seller tracks here are on AdRev so you don’t have to be affraid of any drop.

Just asssist customers if they ask you.


What a horror! I bet that they would not have confessed(did not apologize) to you if it had not helped
for AdRev! I wonder how many these people were? The horror is that they first violate and take your music without a license (while making yourself a monetization on YouTube), and then apologize when they already won their jackpot on the video (and earned and spent this money). Incredible apologies :clap:!

Why don’t you just register your new tracks, not your whole portfolio, that way you can evaluate it without risking any negative reaction from previous clients?

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It does suck that they steal your music and they only stop doing so because they get a claim from AdRev.
However, if this happens on a video that goes viral, you will make a very decent amount of revenue from this.
So all is not that bad.

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Yeah, good idea. :blush:

This is understandable, but still I think that you are more careful about yourself (to your self-esteem, at least). It is necessary to fight with this theft, against those who love freebies, and to rejoice in this is wrong I think. (You are the author, you put your strength and time into your music, and they (the thieves)) apologized) and that’s all. Well this is not right, I think so. Because you were not paid for their income, but I would insist on it in your place (or strike on YouTube, or he would have paid you license). In my opinion, only so!


  • extra cash
  • AdRev finds for you videos with your music so you can track them
  • no sale drops (quite oposite - probably accidental increase)
  • nobody contacted me with adrev problems

BTW it’s the same situation with PRO.

  1. Every step towards protecting your music from getting ripped is worth it. No discussion.
  2. Yes.
  3. In the beginning, yes.
  4. One. He grabbed the free file which I haven’t registered with AdRev. Turned out he already had trouble with YouTube and thus had to verify the use of my music. Free files didn’t come with any licenses at that time.
  5. Strangely enough, the earnings from my non-audiojungle portfolio are doing way better, Primarily videogames, while the revenue of my AJ portfolio seems to shrink once in a while. I guess more and more customers are using the licenses so they won’t trigger any claims in the first place. I guess that’s the reason why AdRev refuses to accept Royalty Free authors. They don’t bring the cash.
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Anybody know if they’re taking AJ authors again? Last time I tried they blocked my email address and wouldn’t even respond to requests.

Wow! I was lucky then. I’ve registered an account few years ago and forgot about it untill now.

Yeah, i’ll have to try again soon or perhaps use another system.

Yesterday i’ve registered few tunes on AdRev and decided to test how it works. I’ve made a video with my own song and uploaded on YouTube. And i still don’t have any copyright notice, is this normal?