AdRev experience. Few years later.

Yes, it can take months, especially if you just registered new tracks. AdRev scans through millions of videos, it takes a lot of time.


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Guys, does it matter if i register a song on AdRev with a different name than on AudioJungle? I rename my items from time to time to experiment with visibility and search engine. Are there any problems for customers when clearing copyright claims if they bought an item that was named differently on the time of purchase?

Not sure if it matters, but here’s how I do it:
Powerslide (Energetic Indie Rock)

In my AJ item description I always state:
Real name of the song: “Powerslide”

That way I’m fully covered :slight_smile:

I don’t change titles once they are registered with AdRev, but probably a lot authors do it anyway.

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Thank you! It is really helpful!

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Right now titles don’t matter.

But maybe in future there will be some youtube>adrev>PRO communication. Maybe.


Hmm, i’m trying to figure out how it all works.

For example i have a track on AJ called “ABC”. Let’s say i upload it on AdRev and called it “DEF”. A customer bought a track called “ABC” and send message to AdRev showing he has a license for a track called “ABC”. How AdRev can clear a copyright notice if they don’t know that track “DEF” is the same as “ABC”?

I hope i explained it clearly :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s the reason why I don’t change titles once the tracks are registered. I want to keep things clean and clear. AdRev staff does a great job at this,and they usually resolve it, but it makes things more complicated and more confusing for them. Although, this is still reviewed by real people, so they understand what’s going on.

When registering on AdRev, I always give my tracks a real genuine name + AJ title for 2 reasons:

  1. Original title will never change so this can be used to avoid confussion
  2. If I decide to sell my tracks on some other market, I still have genuine name registered on AdRev. (Some markets won’t allow you to upload track titled “Inspirational Motivation Epic Trailer Indie Rock Hip-Hop Piano” :smiley: )

Also, my music is registered with BMI in the same way ( Title: Powerslide, Alternate titile: Energetic Indie Rock), so if broadcaster use AJ title and it doesn’t match to what is registered, I could lose revenue. This is why I don’t change titles on AJ.


So how can buyers can clear claims if it takes months to detect music in a video? And a lot of views will be wasted then? i thought the claim should appear within hours…not months.

Once you upload a track It takes few days to be detected by Adrev, but it takes months to appear on your account and then get money.

You can contact Adrev, they really helpful and quick.

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Another thing that bothers me a lot is how big YouTube channels deals with Content ID. Im talking about channels who earn money on monetization. If their claims will be delayed even for few hours they can loose a lot of money. Do you think this will force them to avoid CID music?

They might try to avoid it, but the fact is anyone can still claim any content on their videos. Whether anything is registered with a CID service or not is to a certain point irrelevant in the YouTube copyright claim system. In the end it may be worth more to use music that CAN be cleared, instead of battling fraudulent claims of music without being able to receive support from the original copyright owner.

I wish your words would reach every youtuber…

Anyway, i’ve uploaded several songs to AdRev a week ago, upload a test video on YouTube and still don’t get any copyright claim…something is wrong.

  1. Yes, it’s worth it.
  2. No one will get rich from it, but it is FREE money.
  3. No, no drops in licensing.
  4. Never had a single question or complaint.
  5. In the early days of Content ID, I once had a music publisher register my music in Content ID as belonging to his company and got copyright claims on my own music on my YouTube channel. Initially, he claimed he had the right to register the music because he represented me as a composer and had publishing rights. After reminding him I owned the copyright and had never given him the right to handle Content ID registration on my behalf, he conceded and removed his claims on the music from the Content ID system. Had I not had a YouTube channel posting videos with my music, I never would have known he was collecting money from my work without sharing it with me. That’s when I joined AdRev and registered it all in my name.

And, yes… I stopped working with that publisher.


Another scenario that bugging me. Let’s say some guy bought a commercial video from one of the production studio which used my song for his video. Then he uploaded it on YouTube after 3 months and got copyrights claim. How do he knows what to do with it? Does he even know track name? What if production company disappeared already?

Sorry for so many questions…i just still can’t decide whether or not join AdRev for every tracks.