Buy a song protected with AdRev or not ? That is the question.


I plan to create a YouTube channel in a not so distant future, i’m trying to decide wether i search for 2 musics (one for the intro the other for the outro) non registered on adrev to avoid the hassle of every video = claim = wait for to make my video public or to go on the contrary to target already adrev registered music, to avoid any potential future change for someone who will not use adrev now but will do it in the future, implying that i’ll have to deal with mass copyright claim and have manage to dispute all that retroactive claims.
I have absolutely no problems with adrev just few interogations kind of blocking me from targeting adrev protected songs

  1. Is it possible for adrev to whitelist FOR GOOD a whole channel (as far as the music would be use for all my videos’ intros for example) to avoid perpetual claim disputes (if i upload 1 video per day, with each video being delay, making them unlisted till they are cleared, that could be a real hassle)

  2. If for some reasons the maker of the song don’/can’t reply/review/clear copyright claims (for example - just trying to imagine some different cases - he dropped making music and don’t want to bother anymore with adrev, or for some reason want to “bother me” and don’t answer to my claim dispute on purpose or - bad case - is sick/in the hospital or worse) what happens then ? I have my license, but if the author don’t/can’t clear claims, who will, for whatever reasons it could exists for an author not be able to clear a claim? What will happen ?

Thank you

Yes I think so. If you contact the Author and show him that you’re using his work regurarly, I’m sure he will whitelist your whole channel.

You can solve a claim by your own. All you need is to copy the text in your license and the name of the author:


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MikeSea is right!

Although, to be honest, white-listing a whole channel for good cannot be 100% guaranteed (channel must not have any other registered assets, and authors are not in the know as to how it works exactly).

And the best way to clear claims is indeed to go directly to AdRev contact page. Authors offer assistance to lifting claims as a courtesy, to buyers who do not know how, or don’t want, to deal with AdRev. But doing it yourself is faster as you don’t have to wait for the author to react.

Come to think of it, the skipping-the-middle-man idea could also be applied to the white-listing matter. You the buyer could ask AdRev to white-list your channel. You would increase the guarantee your channel remains white-listed. It’s just an idea though and would have to be confirmed with AdRev.

Thanks for the replies. I tought that music maker had to clear themselves (through adrev interface) each claim dispute, that’s why i was worried.