Adrev rejected dispute

So this happened with me that i purchased a music from audiojungle on 2018-08-09 05:48:26 UTC for my YouTube video, The video hit 1million+ views and then just about a month ago i received a copyright claim from Adrev that my music is copyrighted and they will receive the earnings from my video not me, I filed the dispute using YouTube process but after 23 days Adrev stand with their claim and rejected my dispute, I filled a form on Adrev’s website to resolve that issue, but no one responded, finally i contacted Envato to resolve my issue because i have the licenseof the music yet i cannot do anything to restore monitization on that video, so Envoato responded and here it is what they said,

Hi Zia,

Thanks for your patience while I was looking into the matter for you.

It appears that the author of this song left Envato Market in 2018, so as we can not contact them directly to discuss, we would be happy to offer a refund for the item in this instance and help them find another item that you can use on your project.

I understand that this might not be the ideal solution and I would like to apologise for the inconvenience.

If this would work for you just let me know and I’ll help further with the refund.

Kind regards,

I replied them back with this note,
This is really frustrating, its not very often that you get 1 million+ views on YouTube and now it means i have to delete that video and purchase another music from a reliable source and reupload the video, which will definately make a very bad impact on my viewers,

But there was nothing they could do except refunding my money.
here is link to my video

I have changed the privacy from public to private and will delete it in the conming days.

lastly, i will never buy music from audiojungle for my YouTube videos.

video link :

My YouTube channel:


I can understand your frustration here!

Whether the author left Audiojungle or not, your license remains valid, and you should not have to put up with this.

After you filled their form, AdRev should have responded within a few hours. The fact that they didn’t is abnormal and alarming. When provided with a valid license they have to lift the claim. What’s up with them not even bothering to respond?

If AdRev, no longer lifts claims upon providing license certificate, then this is really bad, and Envato has a responsibility to go to the bottom of things and sort this mess out. Saying they can’t do anything because the author is no longer selling here, is neither true nor good enough. Their lazy “there’s nothing we can do” attitude is unacceptable.

Although I perfectly understand why you’d want to stay away from AJ music after your bad experience, you should know that ContentID and AdRev is not an Audiojungle thing, it’s global. Soon, most, if not all, music will be registered with ContentID.