Music purchased on AudioJungle claimed by Tunecore

I apologize if this is not the correct forum to post in… However, I have purchased multiple songs in the past through Audio Jungle and have never had a problem with any of my youtube content getting copyright claimed due to the songs. I just recently had 2 of my videos claimed by Tunecore for songs that I purchased and have licenses through Audio Jungle. I realize the copyright game on youtube can be kind of snarky market with companies abusing the copyright claim system. I have filed a dispute through youtube, I also researched on Audio Jungle for the ‘What to do if your content is claimed’. And it suggests to appeal via Adrev, however, whenever I try to send an appeal on Adrev, I get an error message when I submit it.

Just looking to see if any others have experienced this problem and possible solutions.



Sorry for your troubles. I am not familiar with Tunecore, but have you tried contacting the author of the music for some help? You can reach out through the authors profile page.

You can also submit a request to Tunecore and attach your AudioJungle licenses for the tracks + video links and ask them for help directly.

Alternatively you can reach out to support here on Envato Market: