Copyright Claims Against Envato/Audio Jungle Licensed Music

I use a song that I bought a license to and downloaded from Audio Jungle last year. It is my primary theme for a YouTube series that I do. Twice now someone has filed a copyright claim against me for that song. The video/person who filed the claim very clearly just downloaded the song as well, dubbed their own terrible lyrics over it, and posted it on YouTube claiming the copyright on it. I cannot seem to find how to report THEM for copyright infringement. If Audio Jungle holds the rights to the song this person should absolutely not be able to file copyright claims on YouTube for said song. All of his videos are just him dubbed over other people’s music, so I’m sure he’s doing this with other people’s content and it must be stopped.


You need to contact the author(s) to let them know someone is usurping their copyrights. Unfortunately, authors who chose not (or were not able to, due to abusive policies) to protect their rights by registering their music with AdRev are potential victims to such abuses.

Such situations may become nightmares for authors and buyers alike.


I submitted a notice to AudioJungle and to the author of the song. The guy claiming the copyright even commented on the song on here with a link to the video!

AdRev is a sore subject for me. They are such abusive scam artists. I’ve had them claim copyright on my most popular video (2.5 million views) that HAS NO MUSIC ON IT. It was an older video so I’m sure someone thought “They won’t notice if we claim copyright and collect their ad revenue.” It is a disgusting business practice.

It sounds like the claimant is more someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing rather than a con man. Hopefully this particular occurrence will resolve swiftly.

FYI, AdRev are not scam artists, they are a legitimate business helping authors protect their assets. In any case, they do not make the claims themselves, Youtube does. AdRev merely provides the content to be fingerprinted, Youtube then does the matching and claim issuing. So if your video had no copyrighted material (audio or visuals) and still generated a claim, then Youtube messed up, not AdRev.

Thanks. I’m just displacing anger. YouTube is not setup well for the side of those being claimed against. At least I think. I cannot figure out how to submit a report that this person doesn’t hold the Copyright for the song. This isn’t the first time I’ve run into such issues with their system. But that’s YouTube.

You have two options:

You can open a dispute by clicking the dispute link on the copyright claim page, directly through the Youtube interface. Youtube will pass a judgment and either appeal or maintain the claim, after reviewing your dispute. This may take several days, and you already have your own experience with Youtube system.

The second and quicker option is to go directly to the third party making the claim. If it’s AdRev you can go to this page and provide your license certificate and explain the claimant doesn’t have any rights on the music. This may take only a few hours.