Bad support from Audiojungle and Adrev

I buyed the music track from Audiojungle, then I contacted adrev many times about removing copyright from My Video. But half a month passed, I didn’t receive any feedback from them. I also contacted envato but did not receive a response.

Music is copyrighted by Youtube, and I cannot make money from my Video. I had intended to buy a lot of music tracks from Audiojungle, but I would need to reconsider this.

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Have you seen this article? You can check chapter How to clear a YouTube copyright notice

Let us know if you have any further problems.

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Already 15 days have passed, copyright disputes are still there. I created a ticket 4 days ago, no response from Envato

What makes you say that? For me, this is the other way around. Disputing via Youtube may take a long time. Going through AdRev usually only takes a few hours. The link you provided also say that going through AdRev is the quickest way.

@mrleequynh AdRev usually respond within a few hours. A couple days at most. Did you use their form for clearing claims?

The whole process should not take that long. You can also contact the music author who should be able to assist you in clearing the claim.

I confirm what PurpleFog said, dealing with AdRev is the fastest way, sometimes they release the claim in a couple of hours

Thanks for clarification. I’ve always thought that Youtube way is faster.

From Envato and Adrev! 4 days ago. Sent 2 emails. But did not receive a response.

Looks like you didn’t use the AdRev form for clearing claims (link provided in my previous post). Sending them an email may not be as efficient.

If you use the form, it’s usually resolved within a few hours.

I also made your way a few days ago.

Well, this is concerning then!

We use AdRev because they are supposed to lift claims quickly. If they no longer do it, this is really bad.

You should contact the music author, so they can assist you.

I simply wont renew my subscription to envato and/or audiojungle as adrev is refusing to remove a copyright claim, I instead will use epidemic sound in the future, i consider envato an epic waste of my money

I Think So :frowning:

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Same problem! I have a ticket number(1581381) and… silence from Envato and the author of music.
It’s horrible!

I guess you are talking about elements subscription, well than they do not have support. Audiojungle authors have an excellent support for their clients, that’s why is elements cheap.

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