Help me with Youtube Copyright!

Hello everyone,

A client from France bought my melody and few days later wrote me that he received a complain for not authorization used rights. He send me purchase code and link to his video on Youtube. He asked me to fix this.

Actually I never had such a problem. I have no account on ADrev, and my music is only here. I read this but still don’t get where to take license on AJ and where exactly to send it.

Please help me :pray:, client starting to get nervous.


If you have not registered your music with ContentID, and yet your customer is getting a copyright claim, then it could mean two things:

  1. You are using loops that were also used in another track that was registered. Resulting in a false positive.
  2. Someone maliciously registered your unprotected work in their name, to commit fraud.

Unfortunately, this means that you cannot easily clear the claim, as you are not the claimant. You will need to argue your case to the third-party (AdRev, Identifyy,…). In order to know which third-party is involved, you’ll need to have a look at the claim your customer received, ask them to send you a screen-capture, or just ask them who is the claimant.

Once you have that information, you’ll have to contact the third-party company and argue your case to get them to lift the claim.

And when your issue is finally taken care of, then I urge you to protect your music!


Thank you very much Purple Frog for so quick and detailed answer. It is simple piano melody with no loop, so for sure second variant :cry:

Can you please advice me how to protect my music for future? Half a year I tried to contact to ADrev to register my music but unfortunately they didn’t answer, few times I send my application.

Thank you for your help

One option can be;


PurpleFrog, one more thing. After I will know the claimant I need to contact to the third part, but which one? I mean ADrev, Identifyy or ContentID? And for future safety can I send my application to all of them, or I need to choose one?

Sorry for stupid questions, I am really shocked and right now trying to comprehend that someone stole my track(

Thank you very much for useful link and advice. :+1: :pray:

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The claim will have the third-party information. This is why you need it, to know which third-party is involved and who to contact.

Now just for clarification:
ContentID is YouTube’s system for copyrighted content recognition.

However, you cannot access this tool on your own. To do that, you need a third-party such as AdRev or Identifyy (and several others). AdRev has historically been the biggest player, but they seem not to accept AudioJungle authors anymore. Identifyy is apparently more welcoming to us and is thus now the new favorite.

First, you should focus on sorting this abusive claim, only then you should register.

I know this may be scary, and this is certainly unpleasant, but many authors here have gone through the same ordeal, and it is my understanding they eventually managed to sort it out.

Feel free to post more questions, should you need further help.


Oh, I really sincerely shake your hand and thank you for your responsiveness! The situation after your messages becomes clearer to me.

I already wrote a message for client, of course I’m afraid he is tired of this problem, but hope he will let me know the claimant.

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