Attention : You will get Music claims even with a license.

It is absolutely shameful to keep on receiving music claims on youtube for Musics bought.
Random companies put copyright claim on our videos and THAT is unacceptable.
It’s time to put things back together.
Loss of time + money, stress and …well regrets.

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Please check out this article:


If you have an appropriate license you should be fine to upload your license to Content ID. It is not shameful for authors to protect their intellectual property and sometimes buyers may get a claim as on occasion there is a copyright infringement yet it is easy to solve with a genuine license.


This is precisely why you buy a license, to clear the copyright claim.


Of course I have a License, I would not write here.
I am myself in copyrights / photography. So YES authors need to protected. That is not the purpose here.
The problem is that it’s messy, random.
I contacted directly some authors before using the musics to double check. They email that everything is cleared .
It is systemic. False claims also happen ( read forums ).
Some licenses are disputed. WTH ?
Sorry the process should much smoother by now.

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Replied already. But let me add something.

I would say also that each claim stops revenues. It takes days.
Sometimes unknown companies are popping up out of the blue ( no mention of ther names on the license ) leaving the licensee in trouble.
Companies SHOULD check directly with authors like it is done with photographers.
It damages the quality of the service. Partially defeats the purpose.
Licensed Music and Youtube are a classic together in 2022.
Nothing has changed. Same dirty process.
That’s all.

What do you mean with unknown companies popping up? And with false claims?

A claim is normal and just indicates that the ContentID system is working. It litterally is just noticing that there is a copyright problem and it should be fixed. (If you want the ad revenue)

Btw it’s also possible to ‘clear’ videos before they are public, so you don’t miss out on ad revenue.

When uploading to Youtube set it to ‘unlisted’, after some time you will/should receive a copyright notice (as expected). The video at this time is not public yet, but it can be seen by the ones that have the URL/link.

Now to ‘clear’ the copyright notice, go to the company that the author used for ContentID. This CID company should be mentioned at the AJ download URL for the track! (companies like Identifyy/HAAWK & adrev, probably the unknown ones you’ve mentioned)

Enter your personal details and paste the license info, track URL you’ve bought it at. Wait for the notice to go away, change the setting at Youtube from ‘unlisted’ to ‘public’ and your video is ready to be seen by everyone!


Thank you for your insights.
Clearing ahead of releasing the video / is also done.
I am serious, honest and do everything I can to avoid having this problem. This is why I wrote here.
Sharing the possibilities that YES it can happen. And that DEFINITELY somee fixes here and there could be done.
Dear members, If you excuse me, I will now pass on to something else.
All the best and keep up the good work.

I agree 100%. If they want proof, they should contact Envato and ascertain the license use for a particular channel or better yet, contact the channel owner directly. Flagging every upload by default is egregious. It is a waste of time, it looks bad to our clients and we have already paid for the right to use so our job is done!!!

If you’re not happy with how YouTube conduct their business, you should share your criticisms with them. Envato, or us authors have nothing to do with that.